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Stocking Stuffers for Bomber Fans: Re-Signings Keep Coming!

I expect the re-signings will slow down a bit with the holiday season upon us as players will be gathering with families; just like the rest of us.

But just because it is late in December does not mean that the Bombers’ General Manager has stopped working. 3 days, 3 re-signings.

In my Christmas Comes Early For Bomber Fans article we saw some of their early re-signings. And as the week carried on, we saw the Bombers with a couple more re-signings to help Bomber fans have a merry Christmas!

The Bombers inked a deal with linebacker Tanner Cadwallader to a two-year extension.

A day after that signing, the Bombers also re-signed defensive back Deatrick Nichols to a two-year extension.

Then on December 22 the Bombers re-signed National defensive tackle Cam Lawson to a two-year extension.

These two year extensions are telling because the Bombers can’t forget about 2024 but must be looking ahead to 2025 when Winnipeg hosts the Grey Cup. Further, all three of these signings may not be guys that get a lot of press…but they were paramount to the Bombers success in 2023. When the calendar passes December 25th I would not be shocked to see the Bombers put pen to paper with some more re-signings.

I think the trend will continue where we see some of the older players go for one-year deals; and some of the younger players opting for two-year deals. If you asked me why, I would put forward this suggestion. Some of the older players are chasing one more Grey Cup and not quite sure if they will retire after the 2024 season. Success, and health will likely go into that decision; neither of which they know the outcome of in December of 2023. As for the younger players, they have seen Winnipeg go to the last four Grey Cups. They are convinced that Winnipeg has a realistic shot of being in the Grey Cup in 2025 when Winnipeg hosts…and they would love to play for the championship on home turf.

Who else will the Bombers’ re-sign? Will any of their players go to the NFL (like Demerio Houston who had a workout with the L.A. Chargers)? Only time will tell, yet the Bombers and Kyle Waters are doing their best to give the Bomber fans early Christmas presents.

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