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The Andrew Harris Story: My Reaction

News about some of the struggles Andrew Harris was revealed on a new episode of Handled Internally.

I will never knock somebody that has struggled with mental health issue. As I always say, if you had a tooth ache you would go to the dentist. If something was physically wrong with your body you would go to the doctor.

Why there is still a stigma around mental health…I am not sure. Maybe, I am an oddity. Someone who has seen first hand how mental health issues can impact a family; and somebody who’s wife works in the mental health sphere.

But we should treat mental health the same way as we do with the doctor or the dentist…of course you go get help if something is wrong.

On April 27, in Winnipeg, the release of the movie “Running Back Relentless” will be released. On this same day, Harris will sign a 1-day contract to retire a Bomber.

You will hear more about his struggles, the reason behind some of his injuries, and what really caused the separation between him and the Bombers.

There will certainly be some fans that will be sympathetic to Harris. There will be others that think, “Ah that makes sense now.” And unfortunately, there will be some that weaponize Harris’ vulnerability against him.

You do not have to be a fan of Andrew Harris, like I am. You are free to love and celebrate whatever players you like.

You are also free to stigmatize mental illness…although you really should not as that is a disgusting low blow.

We expect more from professional athlete and role models…and I actually am ok with that. They try to leverage their skill and charisma for financial gain (good for them). But where I believe we should draw the line on expecting more from professional athletes is when it comes to mental health.

As more of the Andrew Harris story comes out, some will love him more and some will love him less. But try to look past the professional athlete and see the person. See the person, Andrew Harris.

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