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The Iconic Rise Of Nathan Rourke—Lions Continue Winning Streak Defeating Redblacks—Rourke Continues To Show His Prowess

It was their third win of the season and all in their third game, so yeah the BC Lions remain undefeated, although the game wasn’t without its hiccups for the team. The Redblacks presented quite a bit more opposition than the last two teams they faced had, the Lions winning by a smaller margin this time around.

The game finished 34 to 31, so I guess even a hardcore Lions fan can admit that it wasn’t a decimation of the Ottawa Redblacks, but as they say in the world of sports…a win is a win of course.

via BC Lions on Twitter

Nathan Rourke was evidently on point, delivering tremendously this time around, as he always does. It is in this early stage of his pro CFL career that he is already making noise in terms of being included on that elite list of the potentially greatest of all time, which is definitely amazing.

That’s something special for any sports fan. If you weren’t there, imagine what it must have been like to be a fan during the rise of sports heroes like Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and so on…. It’s special, and really, for those that love to share in the success of others, it’s a special thing to behold, and it can be a special time for football fans—specifically CFL fans in this case.

It was in last week’s game that Nathan Rourke broke records, and if he continues with this stable type of playing and what more…maybe even improving (if that’s at all possible), he most definitely will go down as a player to be remembered for the ages like the aforementioned few.

He completed 23 of 31 passes in this last game against Ottawa and that was for 359 yards. Also included in that were: 1 rushing touchdown, 2 passing touchdowns and he had another career first in the CFL…2 interceptions.

Lions Head coach, Rick Campbell, had a few words about the win:

“It’s a huge win for us to fly across the country…Ottawa’s a good team so to beat these guys on the road, I’m really proud of our guys … we made enough plays to win the game.”

via Yahoo Sports
via BC Lions on Twitter

The Redblacks, despite having put up quite the valiant effort and fight in last night’s game, fell short. Paul LaPolice had this to say on the matter:

“You know, we made probably too many mistakes against a good football team…You can’t give up the edge, you can’t drop coverage. You’ve got to be a little bit more consistent offensively; we had too many two-and-outs.”

via Yahoo Sports (link above)

Ottawa has lost their first three games of the season. At one point during the game against BC though, they were in the lead…20 to 14…but things turned around for the Lions before the credits rolled quite obviously. Some would say that the win was that much sweeter because BC came from behind to take the win in the end, and that’s an extremely valid point.

Despite Rourke’s success and his overall reputation as a prodigy, he remains humble, which is of course important. He believes that all of this success is a team effort. He said:

“I’m human and I make mistakes, but I’ve got a phenomenal team around me…I’ve been telling you guys for the last three weeks, it’s not just me and you didn’t believe me. I think we showed tonight this is a really good team and I just happen to play on it.”

via Yahoo Sports (link above)
via BC Lions on Twitter

Seems he’s also wise for his 24 years on this earth. And be sure, dear readers…we are seeing something special in the rise of Nathan Rourke…and it calls to mind those old days of professional sports…the days of prodigies and young 11 year old kids with posters on their wall.

And I see a lot of posters adorning the walls of children’s rooms—maybe even hung up in some bachelor’s man cave—in the near future…with Nathan Rourke captured in their frame. A special time indeed, dear readers. Come along for the ride. It’s bound to be a good one.

The Lions, with the mighty Nathan Rourke at the helm, are set to take on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Saturday July 9th at 7 PM EST.

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