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The Mystery of Tre Ford, Will He Ever Play For The Edmonton Elks

I saw Tre Ford on the sidelines of the Edmonton Elks most recent home loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and was wondering why he wasn’t put into the game. Afterall, he did have a big win last season in Hamilton in his first career CFL start, when he helped lead the Elks from behind to beat the Tiger-Cats 29-25 at Tim Hortons Field.

As I watched the final minutes of the July 13th game, the cameras kept following Ford on the sidelines and TSN analyst Glen Suitor was wondering aloud what many Elks fans are thinking in terms of asking why doesn’t Ford get a shot.

A few fans on Twitter have previously mentioned that Ford has moved down the depth chart because he’s not been playing as well as Taylor Cornelius or Jarret Doege in practice. So is Ford injured? Did he not fully recover from his collarbone injury in his second start in 2022? What did he do to fall so far down the Edmonton Elks Quarterback depth chart in 2023?

Ford Gave Elks Fans Hope in 2022

A lot can change in a year, and it certainly has. At one time, for a few short weeks in 2022, fans were excited at the potential of seeing a Canadian born star quarterback in Ford playing against another Canadian born star QB in Nathan Rourke.

Rourke, if you recall, was nothing short of sensational with the BC Lions last season. Rourke appeared to be the best Canadian QB since Russ Jackson, who led the Ottawa Rough Riders to three Grey Cup Championships during the 1960s.

Ford’s performance against Hamilton last season gave fans hope that we would be watching two great Canadian born quarterbacks star in the CFL. But that was then, and this is now. Rourke signed a contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL in the off-season, where he is being mentored by Jaguar’s Head Coach and quarterback whisperer Doug Pederson.

Ford meanwhile, has returned to Edmonton where he sits #3 on the QB depth chart. Ironically #3 is where Rourke currently sits on the Jaguars QB depth chart behind starter Trevor Lawrence and backup C.J. Beathard. As a long time fan of the CFL, I feel robbed that I don’t get to see either Ford or Rourke star in the 2023 season, but there is always hope.

Maybe Ford will get his chance to see the field for the Elks this season, and as for Rourke, I hope he gets a legitimate shot at starting in the NFL. It’s a tall order with a star like Lawrence as the starter but hopefully Rourke can turn some heads during pre-season and go from there.

A Tough Road Ahead for the Edmonton Elks

The 0-6 Elks face the Winnipeg Blue Bombers twice and the BC Lions once in their next three games. It’s the worst start in franchise history. If Cornelius or Doege falter at any time, hopefully Elks Head Coach Chris Jones or Offensive Coordinator will give Ford a shot.

If that isn’t in their plans for 2023, maybe it’s time to make a trade and get a quality player in return. All I know is that I hope Ford gets another chance to hit the field to see what he can do. As a football fan, I’ll always get behind those players who deserve the chance to try and reach their full potential.

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Dale Bochon Reporter
A fan of the CFL for over 4 decades, Dale Bochon's background is in marketing writing where he worked with the Edmonton Football Club, the Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Rush of the NLL.


  1. Brian Farrar

    July 18, 2023 at 10:42 am

    Good point Dale. What is there to lose at this point? This team (I refuse to use the team’s current name) is done for the season anyway. Hopefully, they might accidentally manage to win a game or two. However, the chances of a playoff berth are pretty close to nil. It is very obvious that neither of the other two quarterbacks is, or likely ever will be, a first-string quarterback in any league. Give the kid a chance. He might surprise us all.

    • Dale Bochon

      July 18, 2023 at 10:48 am

      I like your insight Brian.They have nothing to lose by letting Ford play. It’s interesting, last night after this article was published I heard Chris Jones news conference and a reporter asked him directly about Tre Ford. Jones mentioned that Ford isn’t playing as well this year as he did last year. That’s at practice. It left me wondering how well Ford could do in a game because we haven’t seen him out there yet.

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