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The Redblacks Turn to New Blood in Hopes of Turning Boos into Cheers

As we reported two days ago, the Redblacks certainly find themselves in dire straits going into their game against the Elks tonight, and as of this writing, and although going into the Saturday practice, and then early Sunday morning it was still unknown who would be starting in the QB position.

It has since been determined finally, we covering the story as well—written by my colleague here at CFL News Hub, Matt Lyons. And as he previously reported, and as has also been reported by the Ottawa Sun, Caleb Evans will be starting and his backup will be none other than Taryn Christion—both rookies.

Paul LaPolice via TSN

LaPolice said of the rookies:

“…As you evaluate things through camp, we feel we can have a 1 and a 1A…We felt Caleb did some things over the duration of camp as well as some of the practices to earn the start. I’m going to play the other guy, they’re really close. Taryn will do our short-yardage package and then we may leave him in. They have to do the things that lead a team to a win; that’s what we’re looking for…”

VIA Ottawa Sun

To start rookies is worrying at any stage of the season, but perhaps it’s particularly worrying now, when the Redblacks need a win like a man stranded in a dessert needs water. The fans have had enough for sure, as recent boos can most certainly attest.

But something undoubtedly needed to be done.

Pruneau via CFL

Antoine Pruneau, defensive back for Ottawa, had something to say to that:

“…I totally understand it, but it sickens me when I hear stuff like the boos…That’s not why you play the game. I want to make the city proud, I want to make those fans proud of what we’re doing here and develop the relationship we had in the past. What we’ve been doing for the past eight years is trying to grow the business. That’s slipping away from us…”

VIA Ottawa Sun

But despite the boos, despite the necessity for the win and the fear of yet another loss by playing two rookies, head coach, LaPolice, remains positive :

“…Our message today for the players is a third of the league has two wins right now; we’re one game off…Each week is a new opportunity, the players have to understand that. Before I got here, there was losing — I wasn’t part of that, I’m part of a new season. Have we struggled early? Yes. The best thing about this sport, you get to play again. That’s the message. Let’s go play and do the things you do to win football games and there you go. That’s all it takes … get a win, get a win, get a win. There are peaks and valleys. The 14-game season makes it harder, you can’t give away too many. We look forward to playing…”

VIA Ottawa Sun

And according to LaPolice though, the solution is simple:

“…It’s pretty simple…I’ve told our players: ‘play better.’ When we’re not producing, {the fans} are frustrated. We’re frustrated too. {The fans} can’t fix it, we have to fix it. We can’t worry about what {the fans} are doing; we have worry about what we’re doing. I didn’t expect this. I’m disappointed with where we’re at. Hopefully we’re learning from the mistakes and getting better. We have to learn from our mistakes, but then go win a football game…”

VIA Ottawa Sun

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The term “easier said than done,” comes to mind, but I will join in on the chorus of hope that LaPolice has started, and I guess in the end, one can only hope, dear readers.

“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

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