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Truth Bombs: Bombers Silent Alouettes Owner Gary Stern & Other Realities  

This segment is going to have a number of hard hitting truth bombs. We are going to get right into it.

The Bombers Shut The Beak Of Montreal Alouettes Owner Gary Stern!

If you did not immediately notice the puns, you may need to familiarize yourself with what an alouette is. You can do so right here.

Gary Stern was chirping on Twitter that the Alouettes were going to win leading up to the game against the Bombers.

Here are just two of his tweets.

Sorry Gary. You were wrong on both accounts. The Bombers beat the Alouettes, and not a single person on the TSN panel picked the Alouettes.

In winning the game, the Bombers essentially quieted Gary Stern, hence the shut the beak pun. Gary has not even taken to Twitter – except to comment on other people’s tweets – since August 5 and so far has been quiet leading up to the rematch at IG Field on Thursday night.

Before you come at me, listen up.

I know what Gary Stern is doing, and he is doing it well. He is generating chatter and interest about the Alouettes. If you read his tweets, you can see that there is intended humour in some of them. He is doing the exact same thing as the owner of the Edmonton Elks – Victor Ciu.

I even tweeted that I thought Gary and Victor were working out of the same playbook, here was his response to that tweet:

If You Missed The Humour You Need To Settle Down!

Here’s another truth bomb, if you missed the humor in this one, you are taking yourself far too seriously! Neither Victor Cui nor Gary Stern have taken any of this personally, as far as I can tell.

Why? I do not know. However, I would speculate because they realize when I come at them like this, I am only doing the same thing they are doing…getting people talking and interested in the CFL.

I even truth bombed myself last week!

If You Are Not At IG Field on August 11 You Made A Poor Choice

I fully understand that not everyone can make it to every game. That is a reality of life. However, if you chose to sit at home and watch the game on television when you could have gone, you did not choose wisely. (It should be noted that we have three season tickets, yet I sold two of them as my wife and kids are not coming to the game. My wife is reading this right now as she looks over my articles before they are posted). Did I just truth bomb my wife? You decide. (To be fair, our kids are 7 and 4 and we live 1.5 hours away).

Nobody is exempt when it comes to truth bombs! If you are in need of tickets head over to ticketmaster and grab yours!

When Calgary came to town, over 1,000 tickets were sold on game day. So to get the best selection on seats, I would suggest you act quickly!

Strapped for cash?

No problem! Hit the retweet button on the Bombers’ tweet for your chance to win your way in!

How about a family and friend’s package?

Includes 4 Tickets (2 Adult, 2 Youth), 4 Pepsi Drinks, Hot Dogs, Chips and 1 Parking Pass. A Digital parking pass will be added to your account the morning of the game!

Come early and partake in some great food and beverage specials!

The Bombers will also be sporting their alternate jersey!

And you will not have to deal with these people.

More about them here.

The last time the Bombers started a season 9-0 was in 1960 when they went 10-0. They have a chance to match that this Thursday night!

With a Bomber win they will also be the first team in the CFL with 400 home wins!

It is going to be a beautiful evening for football with the weather being predicted around 24 degrees at kickoff!

Have I taken all the excuses off the table for you?

It Could Happen: Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan Grey Cup!

It is possible…and it is wild!

Saskatchewan could crossover to the east, win the east and face the Bombers in Saskatchewan in the grey cup…but as visitors in their own stadium!!

Why would Saskatchewan be the visitors? By virtue of them representing the East.

Would Winnipeg take the home locker-room in Saskatchewan? I do not think so. Why? Out of respect? I doubt it. Even though giving Saskatchewan their own locker-room (if Saskatchewan represented the East in the Grey Cup) would make it more comfortable for Saskatchewan, Winnipeg would be fools to take the home locker-room. Why? Winnipeg is used to going to Mosaic Stadium and taking not only the win – but the visitor’s locker-room. Additionally, imagine the fire it would light under Saskatchewan to be slighted from having their own locker-room in their stadium.

As absolutely hilarious as it would be, no the Bombers will not take the Saskatchewan locker-room should they both meet in the Grey Cup.

What did I get right? What did you disagree with? Let me know in the comments.

Find all my articles here.

Written by a Bomber fan, for the Bomber fans.

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