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Winnipeg Beats Elks: Game Ball & Jock

Wow what a game! In a game that was completely meaningless in the standings, apparently Winnipeg did not get that memo because they came out to play!

Whether Bomber fans watched the late game on Friday night between Calgary and BC or just watched the highlights, Bomber fans knew heading into Saturday’s game that they had first place in the West already! So the question on many fan’s minds was how would Winnipeg play with nothing to play for; and would they be able to contain Tre Ford?

However, I said that this game would absolutely have meaning, and I even called it a must win for the Bombers. This time Winnipeg would not play down to their opponent, but rather would show their killer instinct. Even when the Elks would make a play or a couple of plays, Winnipeg would come back and answer. Edmonton, looked very defeated at multiple times in the game. I sit right behind the visitor’s bench on the 50 yard line and that Elk’s bench was very quiet most of the game.

Game Ball

When you beat a team 45-25 you could probably give a Game Ball to anyone on the Bombers’ team.

You could give it to Zach Collaros who did what he needed to do; play some series, and stay healthy. You could give it to the offensive line for keeping Zach clean; or the Bombers’ coaches for how they managed Zach. You could give it to Dru Brown who looks like a good insurance plan right now – though he will likely be a starter for a different team in 2024.

Just look at the averages which are high because of the “YAC” yards after contact. That right there shows you that the receivers were working hard; they caught the ball and fought for more yards. Pick one of them and give them a Game Ball…you can not go wrong. A guy that often gets over looked, Rasheed Bailey really needs to be considered. He could have taken more money to play in Calgary this year, but stayed in Winnipeg and plays whatever role they ask him to…that is a winner!

Maybe you want to look at the defense for handing out the Game Ball. Not a bad idea at all. There were some heavy hits; including Bighill’s defense stand on the goal line; and a plethora of sacks.

Do not forget about Evan Holm who had one of those sacks to back the Elks off from scoring a touchdown and forcing them into a field goal situation.

How about the fans?! This is the fourth straight sell out! People are consuming sports differently in the last number of years; staying home and watching on their 80″ screens, in the comfort of their own home with their own food and beverage that did not cost a small fortune. Yet, on a late December evening, Bomber fans (over 33,000 of them) showed up again!

However, the Game Balls really have to go to Brady Oliveira and Nic Demski! They made history on Saturday night as they became the first Canadians on the same team to amass at least 1,000 rushing and 1,000 years receiving, respectively. Not only that, but they are from the same city…Winnipeg! Oh, yah, and they went to the same high school; Oak Park. How will any pair top that in the future…I think it is only topped if the next pair are Canadians on the same team, from the same city, from the same high schools…and are brothers; twins really would be better. It is hard to believe that this is the first year Demski reached the 1,000 yard mark! What a year to do it in!


This is almost too easy! The Jock most certainly goes to Chris Jones. Like his team all season long he was a dollar short and a minute late…throwing the challenge flag. I saw the whole thing, it was literally right in front of me. He threw the flag as hard as he could to get the attention of the refs; which he did not get. Winnipeg had already snapped the ball and scored a touchdown. They Jones, who will have to fire himself as the coach in 2024, made a big to do to get the play challenged. After way too long it was reviewed and deemed that he threw the flag too late…we all knew that, Jones knew that. But that is Chris Jones; a bit of an odd duck.

I really would have liked to have seen Edmonton charged with a time out or given a delay of game penalty for that. These are the stunts Chris Jones plays. He had his players flopping years ago to slow down the Bombers in the Banjo Bowl as they went tempo offence. His antics just do not stop and that is likely why his team is uninspired and a 4 win team. As the coach goes, so does the rest of the team.

Do you agree or disagree with my choices? Maybe you love Chris Jones. Let me know in the comments section wherever you are reading this.

But first, make sure to catch all the highlights from the game.

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