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Winnipeg Blue Bombers At Edmonton Elks: Week 7 Lead-In And Predictions


The Winnipeg Blue Bombers travel to Edmonton this week looking to go 1-0 on the week and 7-0 on the season. Yet it will not be an easy task for the Bombers.

While the Bombers keep finding ways to win they will have to do so once more. Missing some key players in Ellingson and Jeffcoat. Ellingson was a CFL Top Performer last week catching 11-14 for 152 yards. While Jeffcoat only registered one tackle he does so much that does not show up on the stats sheet. Teams need to account for him, and quarterbacks need to watch for him. His sheer presence impacts the game more than the stats sheet shows. Coming in for Ellingson will be Grant, and behind Grant, Tavaris Harrison. This will be the first time that Tavaris Harrison sees game action and he has a chance to stand out. If I was Harrison I would be taking notes from Agudosi who made the most of his opportunity last week.

Since Grant will be returning kicks he is going to need some breathers at the slot back position, and that is where we will see Harrison. If I were the Bombers I would give Grant swing/sweep passes and a couple of go routes as he can flat out fly!

In for Jeffcoat with be L.B. Mack who plays DE, or defensive end. It is always a bit confusing when L.B. Mack comes in because we see “L.B.” and may think “linebacker.” Mack comes into the game having previously recorded 3 defensive tackles, 1 special teams tackle, and 1 quarterback sack.

Talking about special teams Winnipeg will have to do much better in that phase of the game if they hope to beat the 2-4 Elks. The Elks, however, are looking to keep pace with the rest of the West Division as a cross-over scenario could occur this year. Yes, it is far too early to award a cross-over spot, but if the rest of the season plays out how it has so far, a cross-over is certainly in the cards. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers lead the Edmonton Elks in many statistical categories. It should be noted that Arbuckle is no longer with the Elks.

Game Within The Game

I really hope that someone has taken notice of the image for the article. Yes that was done on purpose.

There are a couple of players for the Elks that will be playing against Winnipeg for the first time in the regular season since they left Winnipeg. As a Winnipeg Blue Bomber Castillo became a Grey Cup champion before joining Edmonton in the off-season.

Early in the season fans were missing Castillo as Liegghio was finding his stride. However, at this point in the season Castillo is 15-19 on field goal attempts and Liegghio is 15-17. You can compare all of Castillo’s stats to Liegghio’s stats.

Another interesting player to watch will be Edmonton’s slot back Kenny Lawler. Last year Lawler was Winnipeg’s leading receiver with 1014 yards. Right now he is on pace for 1152 receiving yards. Yet keep in mind that last year was a shortened season, so Lawler is actually producing less this year.

The game should have had another twist. In 2022 Winnipeg’s leading receiver thus far is Greg Ellingson with 518 yards! Ellingson came to Winnipeg to replace the production of Lawler. So far Ellingson has been doing that! However, he will miss Friday’s game against Edmonton with an injury.

The Elks will be without a few key pieces as well. Most recently Kia Locksley, who has played receiver but can also play quarterback is out, and so too is Derel Walker. On another note, Duron Carter is in at the safety position, and I have joked but would not be completely surprised to see him toss a couple of balls.

Here you can see the full line up for both teams.

Fan’s 3 Keys To The Game

Coming all the way from Cairo, Egypt, Bomber’s fan Doug brings us this week’s Fan’s 3 Keys To The Game.

Bomber 3 Storylines

Whether the Bombers know it or not, their quote for their 3 Storylines quote was written in iambic pentameter.


*I predict this is going to be a close game. Far from mailing it in, Edmonton looks like they still want to win.

*I predict we are are going to see all 3 quarterbacks play for Edmonton.

*I predict that Duron Carter will have an impact on the game – positively or negatively is the question.

*I predict that Agudosi will have another big game, and that Harrison will be right there as well.

*I predict that Schoen will have a more productive day.

*I predict the Bombers’ defence comes up with some big time stops at big time moments.

*I predict that at the end of it the Bombers will be 7-0, as they just keep finding ways to win. Not a single game has been the same as a previous one this season.

Am I correct?

We will find out Friday night in Edmonton. Action begins at 8:00pm CST on TSN.

What did I get right? What did I get wrong? Let me know in the comments.

Written by a Bomber fan, for the Bomber fans.

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