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Houston Texans Teammates Show Support for John Metchie III As He Battles Leukemia

When Canada-born wide receiver John Metchie III was drafted in the spring of 2022 by the Houston Texans there were expectations that he would have a stand-out rookie season. Metchie III had been an outstanding player for Alabama, and with his success, it was natural to project the trajectory of his career in the NFL.

But in July that trajectory was interrupted when Metchie III was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since that diagnosis Metchie III has been battling cancer as his Texans teammates compete on the field. Due to that battle, Metchie III has not been able to suit up for any Texans games this season.

To show support for Metchie III during his battle, the Texans wide receivers have announced that they will wear customized orange cleats with messages supporting him in his fight against cancer. The orange cleats are a tribute to Metchie’s signature “karate kid” touchdown celebration that he had been known for at Alabama. The sides of the cleats feature a “Metchie Strong” message, and a “Believe” on the other side.

Receiver Brandin Cooks has been a driving force in this effort to show support for Metchie III. This situation is a reminder that while football is important in the lives of elite NFL players, real life can step in and force people to focus their energy on much more difficult challenges in life. When the Texans play against the Browns this week, these orange cleats worn by the Texans receivers will be a reminder that Metchie III is not alone in this fight against cancer.

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