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The Stuttgart Surge Outlast the Barcelona Dragons in Week 1 of the ELF

We didn’t know what to expect from this brand new league, even though it was filled with teams that we could recognize from NFL Europe.

They’re all resurrected, and ready for a new season, as the European League of Football took the field for the first time, to start the 2021 season.

The Dragons had the early advantage thanks to a great defensive play by CB Jordi Brugnani, interception off a Jacob Wright pass.

The offense – led by Zach Edwards’ arm and legs – took advantage early when Edwards hit RB Antonio Monton, as he slipped out behind the defenders with an easy path to the endzone.

They followed that up with a 2pt conversion to WR Mario Flores to go up by 8.

Two quick plays on the next drive by the Surge’s WR Louis Geyer would out the Stuttgart squad on the board. But they would fail to get the PAT, so the score at that point was 8-6.

Edwards had to run for his life all game, but he trusts his ar, maybe a little too much. It worked for him on the next drive until he tried to thread one in to the endzone, that ended up picked off by CB Luca Siebert.

Unfortunately for the Surge, an errant snap out of the back of the endzone gave the Dragons 2 points, and the ball back.

The Surge got possession after a quick 3 and out, and start their drive down the field with the legs of QB Jacob Wright. Wright would get them on the board with a QB run from inside the 5, and a successful 2pt conversion would make the lead 14-10.

But Barcelona wasn’t finished a 30 yard Mair strike from Edwards to WR Jean Constant – who had a really great day – put the Dragons in scoring position.

Special Teams came up big for both squads, as Barcelona’s field goal was blocked, and the next punt attempt by the Surge was also blocked, setting the Dragons up close to scoring range. But that drive would end with a missed field goal.

Barcelona got the ball back on a punt from Stuttgart, way back in their own end of the field. But that didn’t stop them from making big plays. Edwards hit Constant for a 17 yard pick up to get the drive rolling.

Edwards again forced to run off his spot and make an unscheduled play, launched down field where Remi Bertellin – who also had himself an amazing game – made the circus catch for a 43 yard pick up.

A few plays later, and it was Edwards to Monton again for a score to make it 17-14.

On the feet in Jacob Wright, the Surge drove down the field and took back the lead with 1:41 on the clock. The TD pass from Wright to WR Pascal Floser helped put the game over the edge at 21-17.

Like I mentioned before, Edwards had to run for his life almost every time he dropped back to pass. Yeah, some of it was he was late getting the ball out, but a lot of the time he was forces off his spot by bad pass blocking. It’s an area that has to be addressed. Two straight sacks on a potential game winning drive cannot happen late in the game.

The Dragons allowed the clock to run out, knowing they had no shot the way were playing, with less than a minute to go.

Stuttgart gets the win, but it was a very hard fight game by the Dragons.

We do not have stats yet, we do know that WR Jean Constant had a very big impression on the game. As well as RB Antonio Monton and WR Remi Bertellin. And it can’t left unmentioned that QB Zach Edwards had a heck of a game, despite having to move around a lot. His legs and his arm were a major part of the Barcelona offense.

For the Surge, QB Jacob Wright put up big numbers on the ground as well through the air, and other Stuttgart players that made big impacts were Marcel Dabo, and Luca Siebert on defense, and offensively WR Pascal Floser, and WR Louis Geyer.

High energy in Barcelona from the crowd, despite the loss, and you could see how it affected the players. Despite not having announcers, the on-field product made the game easy to watch, so if you’re interested but missed the two games today, there are two more tomorrow at 9a ET.

To just watch one game is $5, both games is double that, $45 for a team pass and $118 for the whole season, unlimited access to everything they have.

Sign up on their website, where you can also see the highlights from each game.

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