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10 Facts About CFL You Never Knew

In most countries on the continent, football is a prevalent sport. But it is not in all countries. But some countries love the sport, and it has a considerable following. The CFL is the highest in terms of competition in Canada. You may ask yourself, what is the CFL? It is the most competitive professional sports league in Canada. It boasts a massive following of fans alongside other sports like lacrosse, curling, and hockey. The block consists of nine teams, subdivided into two divisions, the east and west. The east has four sections, and the rest in the west.

The league is popular among adults but also has a following for teenagers and kids. It has gained much traction, and there are even significant bets on online casinos in Canada and sports-themed play games. The league has a massive impact on the Canadian football field.

Unique Rules

It has a set of unique rules that sets it apart from its counterpart, the NFL. In place of the usual four downs, it has three downs. It has eleven players on the field, unlike the NFL, which has twelve. Its areas are also unique in size, unlike the others. Its fields are 110 yards long and 65 yards wide. The end zone also has variations; unlike the American football one, which is 10 yards deep, the Canadian one is 20 yards. Only the points scoring system is similar.

Dynamic Style

It offers a style dynamic of playing that we cannot find anywhere in the world. Its large fields give players more play area and freedom, which makes it more dynamic. Due to the use of three downs, the players focus more on passing, making it a lot more exciting for fans to watch. It gives fans a different unique style and feel to watching the game.


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CFL players are much more modest compared to their counterparts in the NFL. The CFL’s cap for players’ pay is about 5.15 million dollars compared to the NFL, which is 167 million dollars. It is a considerable pay gap between the two leagues. Most players who fail to make it to the NFL continue to play in the CFL.


Canadian football fields are not similar in size compared to the NFL. Their areas are a few more yards longer and broader. American football field dimensions are 53 1/3 yards wide and 100 yards long compared to the Canadian field, which is110 yards long and 65 yards wide. The Canadian end zone is also ten yards longer than the American football one, which is 10 yards long.


Canadian football consists of 12 players, unlike American football, which has 11 players.


Canadian football consists of three downs. It was the usual number for downs until 1912, when the Americans introduced the extra one down to make theirs become four.


It is similar to the American system but only has one exception. There are three conditions in which a kicking team is given a single point.

  • The first is if they miss a field goal.
  • In a punt, if no one touches the ball after it goes over the end zone.
  • And lastly, in a punt, when the other team does not return the ball out of their end zone.

You can only apply these rules in Canadian football.

Seasons And Schedule

They have an entirely different schedule compared to the NFL. Their season ends in November and starts in June. Unlike the NFL, which plays 16 games, they play 18. Their games are primarily on weekends or Mondays and Thursdays.


The game originated from rugby football, introduced by the British in an army garrison in Montreal in 1874.


Who Is The Best CFL Player Of All Time?

Dough Flutie holds the record for passing yards. He played for eight seasons before he advanced to play in the NFL.

Which CFL Team Is The Oldest?

The Toronto Argonauts are the oldest CFL team. They established the team in 1873. They are the most senior professional team in North America to still use their original name.

Is CFL Ball Bigger Than NFL?

Most players thought the CFL ball was more prominent, but they recently discovered that both balls are the same size.

I hope the facts about sports will aid you in learning more about the CFL. But always remember, internet security is essential. You should always ensure you use a credible vpn.

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