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NFL Rising Stars: Micah “The Lion” Parsons

The NFL is the biggest sport in America, or the most admired and watched at least. Whether you love the NFL for the betting action and NFL lines, for the athletes, the Super Bowl, or for any other reason, you will know that the sport is full of genius sportsmen. 

These legends of the sports are well known, people like Tom Brady, Eli Manning, and more. 

However, these legends do not have to have been in the NFL for ages, newbies can be legends if they make a name for themselves very quickly. 

Micah Parsons is one of these people. He has made a name for himself very quickly in the sport. His rookie year alone showed him to be a true legend of the NFL. 

What do we know about Micah “The Lion” Parsons, so far?

Dominating His Rookie Year

Micah skipped the 2020 College Football season and became the 6th linebacker from Penn to get drafted into the NFL in the 1st round of the draft. He started turning heads from the get go as well. 

His teammates and Cowboys fans were amazed from day one with Parsons. 

Looking at the end of last season, the Cowboys and Parsons had taken the NFC East and had scored their way to the NFC’s 4th seed for the playoffs. Their success did not come from the quarterback’s play ability, or from their running backs abilities. 

In fact, it was mostly due to the fearsome defensive line led ahead by Parsons. 

In the 16 games of the season, Parson had led the rookies in amounts of sacks and fumbles, with a total of 13 and 3. He was also 2nd in all rookies with a total of 84 tackles overall. 

He was named as being the Defensive Rookie of the Month on two occasions as well, and he even punched his way into the 2022 Pro Bowl as well as one of the few 4 rookies that were selected.  

Parson also had a 9th sack of that season, this created a new record high for therookies of the Dallas Cowboys, which broke the marker which was previously held by DeMarcus Ware. 

How good is he? Well, he only just fell short of hitting a tie for the NFL record for rookies sacks at 14.5. 

He set himself up as a powerful favorite to win the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award that season. With Conlan having been the last from Penn State to win it and that was back in 1987.

A Hungry Young Lion

Parsons has gained himself the nickname ‘The Lion’ and this big cat Cowboy is always hungry. 

His game went strong in the last season, and as a Cowboys Linebacker, he drove the team to the heights they saw last year. We don’t think anyone was expecting this, the Cowboys have been good for a while, however, they had not been doing as hot as this prior. 

They soared in terms of their win-loss rate, and half of this reason was thanks to their young hungry lion. 

Parsons had spent some time with Ware, another high achiever, and Parsons noted how he helped him to prepare in the best ways, keeping his head low and staging focused. Noting how Parsons has an explosive scrimmage off the line, but needed to work on jumping off the line. 

Parsons has the same passion we have seen in many previous legends, such as Brady, the studiousness, and keen learner attitude that accelerates athletes above and beyond.

The Heart Of The Cowboys Defensive Line

We are in heavy anticipation of what Parsons may be able to do in the next season, as his heart being the soul of the Cowboys Defensive line drove the franchise far beyond last season. 

He has learned from some of the greats and sets high standards for himself. While he sees his efforts as a team effort, he also sees them as a solo effort too. 

Parsons is something of a rarity in the football world, he gives his team versatility, and helped solidify their path to the playoffs, and he’s not even a quarterback – who you’d usually expect this from. 

It is hard to explain exactly the level of impact Parsons has had as a rookie, but what we do know is that he has changed things for the Cowboys. As the next season creeps up on us, we are all in tense anticipation of what is to come as the regular season looms near.

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