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CFL Wagering Basics: A Beginner’s Roadmap

Betting on Canadian football can be intimidating for a beginner. But it becomes easier once you understand the basics. If you’ve ever watched the Super Bowl or any NFL game, you should have an easy time learning how to wager on the CFL.

Canada Football League has mostly the same rules as the NFL. But there are some differences. For example, the CFL has one extra player in each team (12). Fields are larger in the CFL even though the league has nine teams only—the NFL has 32 franchises.

That said, there’s no major difference when betting on Canadian football. Here’s all the information you need to become a successful bettor:

Choose a Trustworthy Sportsbook

The first step in betting on football is to select a reliable sportsbook. Betting sites set the odds and bet types. They give you bonuses and determine how fast you receive your winnings.

Choose a top-rated betting website for a delightful wagering experience. You’ll enjoy competitive odds, fair bonuses and fast payouts. If the site also features a casino, you’ll have access to hundreds of slots and card games.

Visit review sites to learn more about top gambling sites in Canada. Ensure your chosen operator accepts Canadians. This way, you don’t risk losing your funds for violating a site’s account registration policies.

Prioritize Ontario-based casinos if you live in the province. Ontario licenses gambling sites locally. In most other provinces, your best bet is to use an offshore operator such as Slotum or Betway.

This Slotum bonus code can help you earn a welcome reward when you create an account on the Curacao-based casino. But keep in mind the site focuses on slots and card games. For sports betting, choose a bookie that specifically covers the Canada Football League.

Learn the Basics of CFL Betting

After you find a reliable sportsbook, you can make a deposit. However, don’t complete your first deposit until you learn the basics of football betting. Briefly, understand the following things:

  • Basic football scoring rules
  • Bet types
  • How to evaluate odds
  • League structure—teams, divisions and tournaments

In the CFL, the main goal is to outscore an opponent. That means one of the main bet types is the money line—-winning team. Sometimes ties happen in the CFL but they’re rare.

Similar to the NFL, you can estimate the number of scores in a CFL game. You could also pick the leading team at halftime and full-time. But to bet on the CFL Championship, you need to learn more about the teams involved, top players and historical performances.

Choosing odds is another skill you’ll need to succeed in betting. So, invest your time in learning how to pick quality underdogs in every matchup.

Shop Around for Quality Odds

Bookies aren’t created equal. This is especially true when it comes to setting football odds. Some betting sites offer great odds consistently. Others can be unpredictable.

As a result, don’t rely on one source for finding CFL odds. Instead, choose a game to bet on and then compare odds and lines from different betting sites. Wager on the site offering maximum potential returns.

Using the best odds available is an excellent way to grow your profitability. This works really well when you also wager decent amounts. For clarity, you should bet using money you can afford to lose.

So, create a nice budget and then draft a staking place. Let’s say you can afford to wager $100 a month. You don’t need to bet on every CFL game. You can focus on two games per weekend. This way, you have $12.5 to spend on each bet.

You could also decide to bet on only one game per weekend. You’ll have more time to analyze your matches and a bigger stake to use. When you win, you’ll make more than someone who spends small amounts of cash on multiple games.

Avoid Parlays

Before the government legalized single-event betting in 2021, there was only one way to bet on sports in the country—parlays. Also known as accumulators in Europe, parlays let you combine multiple predictions into one bet slip.

Let’s say Montreal has a game against Ottawa on the same night Toronto is facing Hamilton. The following day, there’s also a Western Conference match between Calgary and Winnipeg.

You can bet on all three matches using one bet. The catch is that all your predictions must be correct for you to win. Profits can be huge in parlays, but the risk is not worth it if you’re a beginner.

What’s the best bet for a beginner CFL gambler? Here are some nice options: Moneyline bets, spreads and totals. Moneyline challenges you to predict the match winner.

Spreads involve two predictions—the winner and the margin of victory. Totals are about the estimated number of points in the game. Another wager worth considering is the Grey Cup winner. However, wait until the postseason before you can place this bet.

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