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Which CFL Team to Bet on in 2024 Season

Breaking Down the Top CFL Teams to Bet on in the 2024 Season

Finding a team to bet on while living in Canada? The name “Canadian Football League” first comes to mind. It is one of the biggest championships, widely broadcasted, and has 9 competing teams. As per a survey, more than 90% of Canadian Football fans prefer the Canadian Football League to others, such as the NFL, and find the former more exciting.

As the 2024 CFL season is approaching, the excitement of football fans is crossing the boundaries as there will be several chances to bet on and earn— Each team will play with the other 8 teams twice in the championship with 18 games in the whole CFL. Moreover, you can try betting Futures, Money-line, Quarters, Player Props, Match Events, and multiple other betting forms in the CFL.

Finding the right team and the perfect betting platform will be a major challenge in 2024. Worry no more! This guide will not only evaluate the front runners of CFL and analyze the betting dynamics but also shed some light on how BetZillion will emerge as one of the top platforms with detailed information about popular betting sites in 2024. Keep reading to learn more about the perfect CFL betting strategies!

Evaluating the Front-Runners: Which Teams Hold the Betting Edge?

While looking for a CFL team to bet on, it’s necessary to analyze some recent statistics of this football league and identify the front runners of each year. Front runners not only have the betting edge, but you can also call them favorites of the 2024 CFL season. The season is still far away, but most sportsbooks or online betting sites have already started booking and have odds locked out, so it’s better to start early. Let’s find out which team to wager on this CFL 2024 season.

  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers: This CFL team is among the favorites due to their victory in 2019 and 2021. Winning two simultaneous CFL Grey Cup seasons (2020 was canceled due to COVID) gives them a betting edge this time.
  • Toronto Argonauts: This team has shocked the CFL Grey Cup fans in 2022 with their victory after 5 seasons and has told the gambling world that there is still an opportunity to bet on them.
  • Calgary Stampeders: The third favorite for this 2024 CFL season is the Calgary Stampeders, winning the recent 2014 and 2018 seasons with their smashmouth style. Betting on them would also be a good choice this season.

Offseason Changes and Their Impact on Betting Dynamics

Off-season is one of the most important periods in any league as the major coaching or team changes, strategic adjustments, injury replacements, and key player involvement at the last moment can significantly impact the whole betting dynamics. Moreover, departures, additions, or re-signings play a major role in altering the gambling dynamics.

As per, there are a few additions, re-signings, and departures from the famous CFL teams this season. We have collected the offseason changes data for our top 3 favorites to let you decide the betting teams and analyze the dynamics.

⮚    Winnipeg Blue Monsters— Additions, Re-signings, and Departures

This favorite team of the CFL 2024 season is quite the same, with one addition and 5 departures. Eric Lofton was signed recently on 16th February 2024, while Dakota Prukop, Jermarcus Hardrick, and Demerio Houston top the list of departures.

⮚    Toronto Argonauts— Additions, Re-signings, and Departures

Contrarily, the Toronto Argonauts have the most additions/re-signings with most departures— and the team with major changes this CFL season. There are 8 additions and 6 departures from the team. The list of additions includes Shawn Oakman, Albert Awachie, and Fraser Sopik as the top 3 individuals. In contrast, the departure list has Jamal Peters, Brandon Barlow, and AJ Ouellete as the top names.

⮚    Calgary Stampeders— Additions, Re-signings, and Departures

The Calgary Stampeders have multiple additions or resigning this CFL season where Demerio Houston, Trevon Tate, and Micah Teitz top the list— all of which have been signed by the corresponding team on 13th February 2024. While the departures list is also long, where 7 players have departed to different teams, Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund, Derek Wiggan, and Jordan Herdman-Reed top the list.

Analyzing Key Player Matchups: Who Holds the Key to Victory

Wagerers must analyze the key player matchups, examine the defensive and attacking sides of teams, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of competing teams before they start placing bets. The Canadian Football League is a small championship for several teams (i.e., nine teams in total), meaning the key players and matchups would play a significant role in betting.

Moreover, make sure to understand or examine the skill level of players, their experience in the CFL, and the recent physical form that holds the key to victory for any team before placing your stakes. The CFL 2024 schedule is out now, and betters cannot resist analyzing the key player and team matchups to lock the CFL Grey Cup odds and place their bets. Here are some of the interesting and key matchups to place bets on:

⮚    Week 1: Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Montreal Alouettes

You won’t need to wait long to place your winning bet, as the most anticipated match of the CFL 2024 season is in the first week. The defending champions, Montreal Alouettes, and the most favorite Winnipeg Blue Bombers will face each other in the first game of the 2024 CFL Grey Cup season— making it one of the biggest gambling opportunities.

⮚     Week 4: Toronto Argonauts vs. Montreal Alouettes

Toronto Argonauts have changed everything at the last moment with a maximum number of changes. Some top names, such as Tunde Adeleke, Kerfalla Exume, and Shawn Oakman, have joined the team. On the other hand, the defending champions, Montreal Alouettes, have Sean Thomas and Tevin Jones as key player names this season. It’ll be fun to watch and bet on this match!

Uncovering Sleeper Picks: Dark Horse Teams with Betting Potential

You don’t need to place your bets on the favorites every season, as sometimes the sleeper picks with key players and favorable odds can do wonders. We have seen in the last season where the Montreal Alouettes made history with only 13 seconds left in the final time with a touchdown strike. This strike changed the course of history as no one was expecting the outcome.

Expert Predictions and Betting Strategies for Success

Before you place some heavy wagers and lock the odds out, it’s better to understand some betting strategies for success. To enjoy profitable betting this CFL 2024 season, here are some expert strategies to follow:

⮚    Look for a Reliable Bookmaker

The first step towards placing a successful bet is looking for reliable sports bookmakers or betting sites. Different odds are available on each online betting platform, and opting for the right one is crucial. If you’re wondering where to place your bets, try one of the sites from the list at  BetZillion, which has provided the best bookmakers in Canada in the past few years.

⮚    Wager at the Right Time

Make sure to start wagering at the right time before the season starts. Most bookmakers have their odds locked out before the season starts, and a great payout option is available for preseason future bets.

⮚    Don’t Go for Repeats

Repetitions are rare in the Canadian Football League, so it is recommended not to go for the same bet every time. Analyze the additions and resigning to find the favorite team and place your bets based on the player’s skill level and team performance in the last few seasons.


Placing your bets this Canadian Football League season 2024 will be challenging as there are few shocking wins from the last time, which has urged the bettors even to consider the dark horse teams. Analyzing the betting dynamics, following the expert strategies, and examining the offseason changes remain the only solutions to earning big this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is favored to win in CFL 2024?

Although there is so much uncertainty right now, and anything can turn the tables, the top 3 favorites in CFL 2024 are Winnipeg Blue Monsters, Toronto Argonauts, and Calgary Stampeders.

What is the oldest CFL team?

Toronto Argonauts is the oldest team in the CFL, formulated in 1873.

Which is the best betting site for CFL 2024?

There are multiple online betting sites available to wager on CFL 2024 teams. Still, BetZillion is a perfect platform with the best sports betting sites in Canada, with the best wagering bonuses and promotions.

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