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Early Favorites To Take Home The 110th Grey Cup

We are looking forward to the coming CFL season which will end in the 110th Grey Cup Final. We’re starting early and taking a look at some of the current favorites to take home the cup this year.

In November, we saw the defending champions The Bombers lose against the Toronto Argonauts. But as the odds are right now, it doesn’t look like that’s going to repeat itself this season. We’ve gathered some very early favorite predictions on who’s going to take home the Grey Cup this season. If you’re to be CFL betting, it can be a good idea to start now by reading more and finding a betting site at That will give you some time to prepare for the start of the season.

1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers +200

Right now, the all-time favorite is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Last season, they entered with odds +250, but this season they’re entering with +200 to win. So, the defeat last year has only had a positive impact on their chances of winning this season. They managed to stay on the top of the board for the entire last season, and even though they didn’t win the cup last year, they’re still favorites this year.

2. BC Lions +340

The last time that the BC Lions won the Grey Cup title was back in 2011, so it’s been a while. This is why they entered last season with odds of +1800. But during the season they surprised everyone. The final score was 12 wins and 6 losses. This means that right now they’re entering the league with the second-best odds at +340 to win. That’s quite a change from last year where they entered with the longest odds. It will be very interesting to see whether or not Nathan Rourk and the Lions can hold up the pace from last year and be just as impressive.

3. Toronto Argonauts +500

Last year’s Grey Cup champions are entering the new season with a shared third place with odds +500 to win. So, even though the Argos won it all last year, they’re still not the favorites. They had an amazing season last year that led them to victory. But before that, it was five years since their last victory. The Bombers would have won for the third time in a row last time if the Argos hadn’t snatched the title in front of them. Whether they’re going to do it again this season only time will tell, but right now odds are +500.

4. Calgary Stampeders +500

The other part of the shared third place is of course the Calgary Stampeders which also currently holds odds of +500 to win. Last year, they made it to the semifinals, and they are expected to do so again this year. The Stamps definitely have a chance of winning with their current +500 odds, but they are not all the way up there with favorites of the favorites at this point. But once the season begins, anything can happen.

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