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Who are the top 5 quarterbacks to come out of Ontario?

Canada is a country with a proud sporting history and a passion for sports. While this is most obviously seen in the number of Canadians who watch sports or play them, the growing popularity of sports betting is also telling.

The launch of Ontario’s sports wagering market in April 2022, for example, showed the appetite for betting on games around the country. This means the best-ranked Ontario sportsbooks are now available for people in this province to sign up with and place wagers on games. For many, this means looking at Canadian Football League games to get involved in.

When you see the top football players to have come out of Ontario, the appetite for sports and the demand for sports betting, there is no surprise. They seem to have a knack for producing awesome quarterbacks, in particular. But who are the top five to have come out of Ontario?

Russ Jackson

When it comes to the very best quarterbacks to have come out of Ontario, Russ Jackson must get a mention. He was born in Hamilton and spent his entire 12-year career, from 1958 to 1969, in the CFL with the Ottawa Rough Riders. Taking the side to Grey Cup wins in 1960, 1968 and 1969, his accurate passing and strong arm were legendary.

Joe Krol

Born in Toronto and most famously playing for the Argonauts from 1945 to 1952, “King” Krol is an iconicquarterback to have come out of Ontario. One of only a handful of his players to have his number retired by the Argonauts when he was done with the game, his rushing and passing skills were sublime.

Brandon Bridge

At 6 feet 5 inches and around 235 pounds, Bridge was an imposing figure at quarterback for the Alouettes, Roughriders and BC Lions. Tough, quick and with a decent arm, he is perhaps the greatest Ontario-born QB of modern times. Only retiring in 2019 after being drafted in 2015 by Montreal, he showed up-and-coming Canadian QBs what can be achieved.

Giulio Caravatta

Caravatta was born in Etobicoke, Ontario and started out with the BC Lions in 1991. After showing his passing prowess and calmness in the pocket for them, he moved to the Alouettes for one season in 1996, before heading back to the Lions. Although he might not make the list of the greatest Alouettes players ever, he is still a top QB that Ontario has produced.

Jesse Palmer

While he might may not have hit the heights during his spell in the NFL, there is no doubting that Palmer was a talented QB. Quick and with a good eye for a pass, he also seemed to read the game well. Stints with the Giants and the 49ers before his brief trip to Montreal confirm this.

Ontario is a hotbed for football talent

As the above shows, this province has produced some really great football quarterbacks over time. When you look at players such as Russ Jackson or Joe Krol, they also seem to have been some of the biggest stars of the Canadian Football League.

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