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How Canadian Football Leagues are Benefiting from Gambling Sponsorship Deals

Gambling companies are some of the biggest investors in sports teams and events – and for the obvious reasons. This is a great way for them to promote their brand since the two share the same targeted audience – sports and gambling fans. If you read this guide by TerraCasino, you’ll find the top-ranked brands in Canada, many of which have invested a small fortune into football leagues and other sports in the country. 

It is exactly the top-rated gambling companies that invest the most in these teams. They have the money to invest because honest, licensed casinos have the most players. In addition to that, they invest in football leagues to help promote the sports seeing how many of them offer sports wagering and sports-themed games in their portfolios. If you want to learn more about top-ranked sites, you can start when you read a review of Zodiac Casino, a trending site among Canadians.

In this article, we’ll discuss precisely that – how gambling sponsorship deals affect Canadian football leagues – and why casinos are the biggest investors in sports.

The Role of Gambling Investments in Sports

Gambling companies play a vital role in sports these days. As football is one of the most played and valued sports in the world, including Canada, it attracts a lot of the casino sponsorships in the sports industry. Since the 1980s, the gambling market has had a significant impact of professional football around the world. Due to the success of such investments, more and more casinos are emerging as sponsors of teams and events. 

Whilst Canadian gambling sites aren’t investing as much as sites in countries like the US, the numbers are certainly growing. If you watch a football league match in Canada these days, you’ll most likely find branded items in the stadiums, logos on the shirts of the players, and watch sponsored commercials during breaks. 


Such endorsements are lucrative to both parties. Sports leagues receive funding in great amounts, while casinos get the recognition they aim for. Today, when you watch a match in the Canadian league, you can easily find the signs of the most successful casinos. These give the top casinos for football fans a chance to attract an audience that is interested in everything from sports betting to playing casino games. 

Gambling companies now make the biggest group of sponsors of sports. While this is most prevalent in leagues such as the Premium League in UK, it is spotted in many other places around the world, including Canada. 

The Sponsorship Boom of Canadian Football Leagues in Canada

The Canadian Football League or CFL wasn’t attracting many great sponsorships of this sort in the past. However, it was only a matter of time before gambling companies started investing big sums into these matches. Today, half of all Premier League clubs have a logo printed on the players’ shirts. This is not the case in Canada, but there are few teams in the league that gambling companies have greatly invested in. They are already reaping the great results from this investment. 

While the CFL doesn’t have the global impact of other leagues, it has become more accessible in recent years. Football is the second most popular sport in the country, and this league is vital to the sporting identity of Canada. 

The highest paid CFL players today make around a million a year, so this is not a grand league. As such, it doesn’t attract billions in investments, but the interest is there, especially since the market of gambling sponsorship is somewhat untapped even today. 

Today, BetRegal is the official gaming partner of the CFL, and that tells a lot about how far this has progressed. Teams also have their sponsors. Ottawa Redblacks have Points Bet as the official team sponsors, while Edmonton Elks have Sports Interaction in that place. 


Gambling companies also sponsor events in Canada. The official sponsor is PointsBet Invitational for the Curling Event, while there are two companies sponsoring golf events across the country. For the Canadian Premier League, ComeOn is the official casino and sports betting partner. 

The Benefits from Such Sponsorships

Online casinos are already very popular in Canada. Over 70% of the population in the country partakes in gambling, making this one of the top countries in the world for number of casino players. The coronavirus pandemic pivoted this popularity and brought many players to the online gambling world. 

Today, popular casinos in the country aim to improve their visibility and brand awareness, as well as beat the competition in Canada by investing thousands to millions of dollars in sports teams. When players watch the matches, the sponsoring items in the background and on the players’ equipment can easily catch their eye, therefore spreading the word around for the casino who invested the money. 

The team’s interest in this is quite evident. Casinos are a multimillion dollar industry, making them the best and most generous sponsors you can find. If a team – or a league attracts a popular casino, this could mean millions – and maybe even billions in investments that could help pay for events, pay the players, cover equipment and training expenses, travel, and much more. 

For this reason, you’re probably frequently seeing casinos and gambling companies promoted thanks to sports teams. Since football is one of the most watched sports in Canada, it’s only natural that these companies will aim to invest in their best leagues. 

Next time you watch a match, pay close attention to this. You’ll find that the shirts of the players have their sponsors printed on them and, in most cases, a casino will be among those prints. You can also see ads on the fields, during the commercials, or on equipment use to play.

Gambling companies also partner with individual players around the world to promote their brand. This is why you see popular football players and other athletes promoting a brand in commercials and magazines. The options are many, and the gambling industry is certainly making the most of it. 

Wrapping Up

While the Canadian football leagues aren’t as highly sponsored as bigger leagues, they are already attracting tons of investors from the gambling industry. Based on what has happened so far, we can expect these numbers to grow in the near future. The benefits are to both sides and for us as football fans, we can enjoy the matches and gamble at our favorite casinos knowing that we’ve chosen the best place to play!

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