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The Role of Casino Sponsorship in the Football Industry

When it comes to the world of American football, sponsorship is a common theme. Whether on a club or individual level, all players are sponsored by different companies. However, there is one type of sponsorship that does not get as much attention as others: casino sponsorship. While most people assume that sponsorships with the best online casino Canada or any other country offers wouldn’t be relevant to football teams and players, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, casinos have played a big role in helping professional athletes make money off of their skills for many years now!

What Are Sponsorships?

A sports sponsorship is an agreement between a sponsor and a sponsored party. The purpose of this agreement is for the sponsor to gain exposure for its brand or product in exchange for financial support. Sponsorships can be for a specific event, such as The National Football League. They can also be for general categories of events like American football games.

Sponsorships are usually divided into two categories: activation and media rights deals. Activation deals are based on real-life experiences where consumers interact with brands firsthand (e.g., sampling at a stadium). Media rights deals happen when brands advertise their products through traditional media such as TV broadcasts or print ads during sporting events without directly interacting with fans during those games themselves (e.g., PepsiCo sells its soda at stadiums but doesn’t sponsor an entire team).

Football & Gambling Industry Overview

Gambling and football are two industries with a lot of similarities: both are popular in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and other countries around the world. They also have some key differences that make them complementary.

In the most recent survey, American football ranked first with 37% of the vote. It has consistently ranked first for the past fifty years.

Basketball came in second with 11%, followed by baseball (9%) and soccer (7%).

The best way to understand how these numbers were reached is by looking at how many people are involved in different aspects of football: 

  • Players
  • Staff members
  • Referees
  • Enthusiasts who watch matches live or on TV
  • Sponsors who support teams financially
  • Media outlets which report on new developments

On the other hand, the gambling industry is a multi-billion dollar global industry, and it’s growing every year. With the popularity of online casinos, sports betting, and other types of wagering on the rise in the US, UK, Canada and other countries, it’s no surprise that this type of activity is also gaining traction with professional sports leagues.

In recent years we’ve seen an increase in sponsorship deals between teams and big gambling companies. These partnerships highlight how important online sports betting has become to many organizations—and why gambling sponsorship casino are now considered vital to almost every major league worldwide.

Gambling Sponsors Active in American Football

The football industry’s most prominent sponsors are those supporting NFL teams. They are active in several ways, including sponsoring top clubs and tournaments, as well as individual players and teams.

The National Football League’s Business Initiatives Committee has decided to lift a ban on advertising gambling establishments during American professional football league games in the United States. Also, land-based casinos will have the right to sponsor NFL teams and athletes and use their images in their promotional materials.

The annual NFL regular season finale, called the Super Bowl, is the most watched sporting event in America. The game for the title of US champion gathers over 100 million viewers on the TV screens. The cost of showing a 30-second commercial during the broadcast of the Super Bowl reaches more than $ 5 million. Therefore, many advertisers want to get into prime time.

But there are cases when a separate casino or bookmaker is advertised by a football player. For example, at one time, the football player Tim Howard was involved in the advertising of the bookmaker. The football player attended various events of this bookmaker and promoted it through podcasts.

Casino Sponsorships and Brand Awareness

As we already mentioned, sponsorship is a partnership between two businesses, where one company will sponsor another to get their brand out into the public eye. In an age where there is more competition than ever before and consumers have more choices than ever before, it’s a smart move for brands to create partnerships with other brands to stand out from the crowd.

For example, The National Football League has developed a special set of rules to keep the sport clean while building partnerships with companies in the gambling industry. However, to attract additional funds to the sports clubs of the top division in American football, the NFL is forced to reconsider its attitude towards the booming gambling market.

Casino sports sponsorship can help build trust with customers because casinos have been around for centuries and have built up their reputations over time. Online casino sites are also known for providing quality entertainment experiences that people often enjoy when they’re relaxing or looking for an escape from reality. 


Football as a business has long relied on sponsorship. As the sport grows in popularity, so does the amount of money that sponsors invest in it. Based on a recent report, it was estimated that sports sponsorships were projected to generate $44 billion in revenue by 2020.  Therefore, there are many reasons why brands want to get involved in football sponsorship-and they’re not all about getting their logo out there.

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