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How Differently do Canadians and Americans Perceive Football 

It’s no secret that football is a well-established and quite popular sport in both the US and Canada. 

Canadians and Americans enjoy the sport so much that they even look for an online casino 2023 establishment that offers football-themed casino games, for instance.

But as famous as football is in both countries is this sport perceived equally by Canadians and Americans alike? Let’s find out, shall we?

Football in Canada

As you may already know, Canadians have their own professional football league (CFL). Football has existed in Canada since the 1860s and believe it or not, it was Canadians that actually invented the “American” style of football, to begin with. 

Although Canadian football resembled rugby at firs, the Americans added the forward pass giving their own twist to the game. 

Despite the long and plentiful history, football is not as popular in Canada as it is in the US. Of course, there are numerous Canadian die-hard football fans but the majority of people in Canada prefer ice hockey. 

Football in the US

Like hockey in Canada, football is the national sport in the US. Americans are quite fond of the sport, to put it mildly. From college football to the NFL, almost every American has their eyes on what’s going on in the major leagues and divisions. 

Come the Super Bowl, Americans go into a cheering frenzy and the NFL finals is nothing short of a national holiday. 

Although American football doesn’t have much traction and influence in the rest of the world, Americans don’t really care and proceed to call it a World Championship nonetheless. 

Still, sports like basketball and baseball are, in fact, more popular sports than football in the US, the sheer publicity and exposure the NFL gets outshines other sports tenfold. 

NFL vs CFL: Which is better?

Now that’s an interesting debate and the answer depends on who you ask. It’s like asking whether it’s ice hockey or just hockey and you’ll see a heated argument coming to a boil. The truth is that even though it’s pretty much the same sport with professional athletes involved, 

NFL and CFL are simply different markets. The CFL has more talented players while the NFL has more revenue. So both leagues have their good and bad sides, it’s just a matter of whether you’re Canadian or American and which one of the leagues you prefer. 

Closing Words

Canadians and Amricans perceive football differently and that’s a fact. It’s a slight difference but a difference nonetheless. As it’s always with things in life, everything comes down to personal preferences. 

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