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Top Canadian Football QBs of All Time

Naming the best quarterbacks of all time in CFL will be a contentious issue since there are different ways to judge this most important position in the game. For some, statistics are paramount, while for others, it is all about team performance. However, it does not mean that we should not look at how different players compare. In this list, we will add some of the greatest QBs of all time. Read on to learn about them.

  1. Matt Dunigan

Dunigan entered CFL in 1983 with the team Edmonton Eskimos. In his first season, he played alongside Warren Moon. In 1984’s CFL Season, Moon left to join an NFL team called the Houston Oilers, and the Eskimos became Dunigan’s official squad. Matt took Eskimos to consecutive Grey Cup appearances in 1986 and ‘87 before winning it in 1987. He was required to sit through the majority of the game on the bench due to injuries. However, his replacement during this period was another CFL legend, Damon Allen.

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  • Ron Lancaster

Lancaster is among the most skilled quarterbacks in CFL history. Ron was the first quarterback in CFL history to exceed 10,000 career throws. The quarterback played in 170 games during his 16 seasons playing for Saskatchewan. He only lost one season in his career with his team, the Green Riders. In addition to his records, the icon also took home a total of four Grey Cup Rings.

  • Tom Wilkinson 

He played 15 seasons in the CFL from 1967 to 1981, and he never missed one playoff game during his career. Wilkinson spent the majority of his career with the Edmonton Eskimos, leading them to 8 Grey Cup appearances and five victories.

Wilkinson played as one of the 1975 CFL MVPs and was an all-star three times. Throughout his entire career, Wilkinson ran for more than 22,000 yards and was able to throw 154 touchdowns.

  • Ricky Ray

One of the most outstanding signal callers of all time, the previous Eskimo and Argonaut player has a place in the top four on the CFL all-time list with more than 100,000 passing yards. His 324 touchdowns rank fifth in the history of the league.

Ray spent two years in Edmonton before ending the season in Toronto. He was also instrumental in leading the Argos to the Grey Cup win in his first season as a member of their team back in 2012. He also won during his final season as a full-time participant in 2017; the team defeated the heavily favored Stampeders.

He was twice CFL All-Star (2013 and 2014) and a three-time East All-Star (2013, 2014, and 2017). Ray had a record of three wins of the Terry Evanshen Award and was also the leader of his team in passing yards and touchdowns in 2014.

  • Warren Moon

Although Warren Moon was not in the CFL for very long, he left a lasting impression. In only his six brief seasons from 1978 to 1983, he was the quarterback of one of the most successful Dynasties throughout CFL history.

During each of his six seasons with The Edmonton Eskimos, Moon played for the team. In that time, he won the Grey Cup in five out of the six seasons. Moon has also been named Grey Cup MVP twice.

  • Doug Flutie

In his eight seasons, he posted a record of 105-38 as a starter. He passed 41,355 yards and scored 270 touchdowns and was named the CFL’s MVP six times, led players to post-seasons seven times, and took home three Grey Cups.

Alongside his team’s successes, Flutie also put up impressive personal statistics, including the record of averaging 306.3 passing yards per game. He still has the distinction of having the most pass yards (6,619) and scored touchdowns in a single game (48).

Although his playing career isn’t as long, it’s evident that when you compare him to all other pivots in the CFL’s long and storied time, Flutie stands in the forefront of the rest of his teammates.

  • Anthony Calvillo

Nearly every passing record has Calvillo’s name in bold letters. He has the highest number of pass yards (79,816) as well as the highest number of touchdowns (455) and the highest number of completes (5,892), and the most 300-yard matches (125). 

The only thing that kept Calvillo from making it to the top of this list is his poor performance during his time in the Grey Cup. In his eight visits to the biggest game, Calvillo managed only three wins. 


Every player has left their mark and is great in their way. The above-mentioned list has got some top guns based on stats and their contribution to the CFL.

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