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What chance do Blue Bombers have at this year’s Grey Cup

The CFL season is here, and we’re ready to watch our favorite teams compete for the infamous Grey Cup, but who are the odds favoring in 2022?

If you’re following the matches, you’ll know that last year’s winners, the Blue Bombers, are already the bookie’s favorite for the cup. Will they succeed and add another win to their belt? Or will the BC Lions sneak in and take the crown? It’s all to play for right now.

We’re delving into the odds for another Blue Bombers win; keep reading to find out more. Whether you’re gearing up to place a bet or just want an insider’s scoop, we’ve got all you need to know about the 2022 Grey Cup odds.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2022 odds

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are in line for another win, and it’s not a surprise. This team currently sits at odds of +200, making them the current favorite, above the BC Lions and the Calgary Stampeders.

The Bombers are trying to defend the title at all costs, as another win would give them an impressive three-peat win. With a win last December and a win in 2019, a 2022 cup would finish the year off nicely for Blue Bombers fans.

If you’re a Blue Bombers fan, place your bets soon! Nothing is as sweet as betting on the winning team, especially if it’s your favorite. However, it’s important to bet with a reputable sportsbook to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Research bookies online and use a trustworthy source, such as bet365 in Canada. Remember to check the latest odds before betting too!

Who else has a chance in the CFL?

While the Blue Bombers are in line for another win, other teams could have a shot at the Grey Cup this year. Let’s look at the other contenders.

Calgary Stampeders

Currently, at odds of +400, the Calgary Stampeders are building up confidence with each passing match. The Stampeders have recently beat Edmonton 49-6, proving that they’re going for the win this season.

BC Lions

The BC Lions initially looked like a competitor for the Blue Bombers. However, after a defeat, this team’s odds have dropped to +400, placing them below Winnipeg’s team. The BC Lions have a bye week coming up, but will this be enough to improve their play? Only time will tell.

Other CFL Odds

Who else has a chance at the Grey Cup? Here are some teams in the running for a win:

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders +500
  • Toronto Argonauts +800
  • Montreal Alouettes +1000
  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats +2000
  • Ottawa Redblacks +2500
  • Edmonton Elks +5000

The bottom line

It seems as if the Blue Bombers have a third chance to win the title this year. However, the cup final is in November, leaving the Stampeders and Lions time to rise up and take the win from the Bombers. What do you think? Will you be placing a bet on Winnipeg’s finest? Let us know!

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