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Global Arena League Looking to Start in 2022

The Global Arena League is an indoor-style league based in Guatemala, looking to start play in early 2022, according to league president David Parsons. An idea that began in January, the league is still in the early stages of planning, but Parsons stated there has been plenty of interest.

It’ll be 8v8, and 4 downs, with more rules to “make it exciting” to be released at a later date.

The GAL is hoping to end up in 4 countries – the US, Canada, Mexico, and Guatamala – but Parsons said they’re starting with North America first, mostly because of the state of the pandemic in the interested locations.

“We’ve been speaking to teams that have shown interest, but it’s just depending on financial ability due to the pandemic. The fan interest is there. We’ve promoted, we have partners. But we’re gonna start small. If we can pull it off in the US and Canada Divisions first.”

David Parsons

One of those partners is Pro Level Sports Agency.

“The scope of the partnership between Pro Level Sports Agency and Global Arena League (GAL) entails providing quality football players for any/all team(s) that will hopefully join the GAL. Following a meeting with Mr Parsons & Pro Level management, Pro Level agreed to reach out to a few entities… specifically in Canada, to gauge interest in Professional Arena Football. Mr Parsons contact information was provided to these entities for any further communication.”

Buddy Walters, c/o Pro Level Sports Agency

This isn’t the first time Parsons has attempted this, though. In 2014 he formed the Global Indoor League, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It lasted until 2017, but never actually got on the field.

It was to play in both Canada and the US as well, on a 55 yard field, 7v7. Parsons then attempted to begin an indoor league based solely in Canada, based CFL rules with 3 downs, and the larger field than US arena leagues. It too never came to fruition.

That doesn’t mean this won’t start. Parsons said the idea is to learn from the past and improve.

They are also taking measures to keep costs low, the idea is not to go too big, too soon. Keeping teams close together is one of those plans.

We are trying to keep the teams clustered, to cut down on travel costs, especially at first. Teams close in Canada, and teams close in the US.”

There is a void of arena-style football in Canada, but there is fan interest. A league has just never been able to fully form.

He says that by October they’ll know whether the GAL will begin in 2022 or not, mostly based on the state of COVID-19 and the restrictions that come with it. Teams are to be announced at that time.

Opportunities for players, especially internationally, are needed. So the idea is to be on the field as soon as possible.

We hope so. We’ll have more news when it comes.

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