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Edmonton Elks Draft Recap 2022: LB Enock Makonzo, QB Tre Ford In 1st Round

On Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022, the Edmonton Elks used the 2022 CFL Draft as a rebuild for long-term success after a dismal 2021 Season with a 3 – 11 record.  It was apparent that the Edmonton Elks needed work on all 3 phases of the game.

Not only did they draft needs on all areas of the roster, but the Edmonton Elks also drafted some key positions for their roster long term.   

Round 1

Pick # 4.  Enock Makonzo, LB, Coastal Carolina.  5 – 11, 195lbs.

Although now drafted as an LB, Enock Makonzo can also play Safety as it has been his natural position while playing at Coastal Carolina.  This gives Coach Chris Jones more stability on the Elks in various packages.  

Pick # 8.  Tre Ford, QB, Waterloo.  5’ – 11”, 195lbs.

A great move by Edmonton in drafting Tre Ford who was very sought after.  Tre Ford brings a dual-threat QB style that fits the CFL game.  His raw talent is very much pro-ready.  For the time being, he will be attending various NFL Mini-Camps.  Although it might be a delayed process for Tre Ford to make his Edmonton debut one day, this pick will pay off long term.  Just like anything in pro football, inconsistent play and or injuries are prevalent.  This is no different from the current QB situation in Edmonton where it is apparent to have a QB take charge of the offense going forward.   

Round 2

Pick # 19.  Jacob Plamondon, DL, Calgary.  6’ – 3”, 238lbs.

A versatile DL that brings a lot of speed and power at the line of scrimmage.

Round 3

Pick # 21.  Marc – David Bien – Aime, OL, Fresno State. 6’ – 5, 350lbs.

With the retirement of fan-favorite Matt O’Donnell at RT, the Elks found a reinforcement to fill that void. A giant that can anchor the Offensive Line and plays with a nastiness that the Elks could use in their offense.  Let’s just say James Wilder Jr. is very satisfied with this pick to re-establish a more consistent running game. 

Pick # 28.  Peter Adjey, LS, Queen’s.  6’ – 3”, 220lbs.

On record, he is a long snapper.  However, he also brings some experience in playing on the DL while at Queen’s University.  This pick is a utility-type player that can benefit the Elks.  

Round 4

Pick # 30.  Gavin Cobb, WR, Manitoba.  5’ – 10, 170lbs.

Another pick in which the Elks went for a utility-type player.  Gavin Cobb also has experience in playing CB.  He comes with a lot of speed where he ran the 40 at 4.56 seconds.  It is possible that he can be used on special teams as a Punt Returner and or Kick Off Returns.

Round 5

Pick # 39.  Wesley Appolon, LB, Tuskegee.  6’ – 4”, 225lbs.

Although not known to be a pass rusher, Wesley Appolon is more of a stay home LB that is there to clog the hole in stuffing the running game.  He had a total of 61 tackles, 2 sacks, and 2 batted balls during his stay at Tuskegee.

Round 6

Pick # 48.  Jeremie Dominique, DB, Charleston.  6’ – 1, 192lbs.

More of a work in progress.  Although he is not known for interceptions, Jeremie Dominique does come with a great asset in forced fumbles where he has 6 forced fumbles during the 2021 season. 

Round 7

Pick # 57.  Jean-Paul Cimankinda, RB, Ottawa.  6’ – 1, 225lbs.With a career of 426 yards on 76 carries, Jean-Paul Cimankinda will be used as a utility RB in shedding off some of the load from James Wilder Jr. when needed. Jean-Paul Cimankinda is also technically sound in his blocking schemes which will be vital in both the running and passing game.  

Round 8

Pick # 66.  Nate Edwards, LB, McMaster.  6’ – 2”, 237lbs.

He may be a late pick, but Nate Edwards has an upside for development at LB.  Another stay home LB that will instrumental in stopping the run.  He had a total of 45 tackles during his duration at McMaster University. 

The Edmonton Elks enter the 2022 season with an abundance of future talent where the turnaround can come to fruition.  It might not occur overnight, but the foundation for success has now been established going forward.  Having a strong draft capital of a total of 10 Draft Picks just built equity for the club going forward.  Edmonton Elks fans should be positive about the outcome of the 2022 CFL Draft.    

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