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BC Coming To Winnipeg For The Western Final: An Early Look

I said earlier that I would have preferred if Winnipeg would have been playing Calgary on November 11.

Amongst those reasons was the dismal effort that Calgary put out against BC. I was hoping for Calgary to edge out BC and then bring a lack luster performance to Winnipeg. Instead, Calgary did not stop BC, Adams JR had a great game gaining a lot of momentum and BC is coming to Winnipeg!

The Bombers were able to beat the Lions twice this year; but did get spanked by the Lions at IG Field (a place the Bombers do not often lose at).

In Week 3 the Lions came in to Winnipeg and shocked the Bombers and their fans; stomping the Bombers 30-6. That was a game that I could have given all the Lions a Game Ball!

In their second match the Bombers would put up 50 points on BC, throttling the BC Lions.

In their third game that would go a long way to seeing who would claim 1st place in the West, the Bombers would come back and win the third game of the series…but would have to come back in that game to win.

So what can we expect on November 11?

*Well, right now we certainly do not know a whole lot. We know that the weather should cooperate. The daytime high will be 1 degree Celsius with the evening low of -1 degree Celsius. For those of use that have been to past Bomber playoff games we know that is great weather. We have been to Bomber playoff games where it has been colder than -25 degrees Celsius!

*We also know that the Bombers are going to need to do a much better job than Calgary did at limiting Vernon Adams JR.

If the Bombers allow Adams to run for anything close to 3 touchdowns, I do not like the Bombers’ chances. Yet, the Bombers’ defense certainly can stop BC! They have proven it before and they will need to prove it one more time if they are going to get to the Grey Cup for a fourth straight year!

*We know that it will be loud! IG Field is the “Home of The Loudest Fans!” Winnipeg is closing in on a 5th straight sellout! In a day and age where sports is consumed in a warm house, with massive televisions, all the food and beverages one could want without taking out a mortgage; it certainly says a lot about a fan base that is nearing another sellout!

We will know a lot more as the week goes on, so stay tuned for all the updates and predictions.

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