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Bombers Defeat Elks—Team pays Tribute to Residential School Survivors

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers defeated the Edmonton Elks in Friday night’s game, defeating them a whopping 30 to 3. Once again, the defensive line did what they do best, and have been doing pretty much all season, as we’ve been reporting, and really there wasn’t much Edmonton could do to get through and do any significant damage.

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QB Zach Collaros had a good game: 16 out of the 27 pass attempts he completed, and that was for 207 yards total. Harris scored two touchdowns, and considering everything else he accomplished during the game, he essentially having his best game or rather output for the entire season thus far.

Collaros, who was going head to head with one of his great friends and old Toronto Argonauts teammate, Trevor Harris (they played their CFL rookie years in tandem, they were even roommates, as Global News reported.

This week, Harris spoke about their friendship, and about comments Collaros made to him ahead of their September 18th face-off. These comments were made heading into this week’s game:

“He kind of gave me some reassurance on some things that I was feeling and going through…He was just basically giving me some really good advice, and so I’m obviously thankful for him and his friendship and helping me out with that.”

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Friendship aside, once that whistle blew, it was all business.

However, the Bombers weren’t all that happy with their offence despite the epic outcome by game’s end; especially when looking in contrast to how strong its defense has been and was during the game. Running back, Andrew Harris, had this to say after the game:

“We definitely left some things out there offensively and obviously our defense has been lights out all year and the field was tilted, it seemed…It was good for field position and getting points off safeties, but, offensively, we were displeased with how we were playing.”

via Winnipeg Sun

Middle linebacker Adam Bighill, spoke well of the defense’s standpoint:

“It’s always important that all phases are trying to be clicking but at the end of the day, as a defense, we’re not gonna try to rely on the defense or special teams to get the energy going…We’re gonna do what we do, no matter the situation, honestly. It’s really irrelevant what any other phase does. That’s the best way to put it cause we’re gonna go out and do our thing either way.”

via Winnipeg Sun
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Edmonton Elks QB, Trevor Harris was embarrassed, he says:

“I’ve never walked away from a game where I’ve been embarrassed…This game was embarrassing.”

via Winnipeg Sun

Bombers head coach, Mike O’Shea said:

“We were not good enough in the first half…I don’t know how to describe it except it felt really odd. Some of the plays that we would normally make, we just didn’t make…But the defense played lights out the entire game and that’s what prevented those odd situations from really hurting us. We certainly don’t want to have another first half like that. In the second half, the guys were full marks. Overall, take the points and figure out the things we need to figure out.”

via Winnipeg Sun

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers band together to honor residential school survivors

via City News Winnipeg

In so honoring Truth and Reconciliation, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers wore orange while they warmed up for Friday’s game, also unveiling a star blanket themed team logo.

via Winnipeg Blue Bombers /Twitter

It was on Friday, ahead of the game against the Edmonton Elks, that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers showed how important it was to show their support to the residential school survivors in light of the recent and ongoing tragedies regarding the residential school scandal reported on in the country.

Essentially a light was shed on the goings on and the terrible findings that the media put upon something that had been happening since the 50s.

Essentially, it was discovered that many residential school systems in Canada were somehow responsible for the deaths of numerous innocent indigenous children. Initially, the discovery of the 215 bodies in Kamloops in southern British Columbia was made, sparking the controversy—the school systems themselves had abused and mistreated the children previously.

For more on this scandal, see here, the Wikipedia page on the Sixties Scoop.

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It was a great gesture of solidarity for the team to have made.

Winnipeg is set to face Edmonton once again this Friday October 15th at 9PM EST.

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