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Bombers’ Draft Review

Can I be honest; like brutally honest?

The CFL draft excites me less than watching paint dry!

Why? Largely, it is completely inconsequential.

Sure, every so often a team will draft a player that makes it in the CFL and is a big contributor.

Looking at the past couple of years here is who the Bombers have drafted…let me know which one was the best:


Anthony Bennett

Selected: First round, 8th overall
Position: Defensive end
School: Regina
Ht: 6-1; Wt: 229
Born: October 4, 1996; Hometown: Weston, Fla.

Jake Kelly

Selected: Second round, 15th overallÈ
Position: Defensive back
School: Bishop’s
Ht: 5-11; Wt: 182
Born: April 1, 1999; Hometown: Markham, Ont.

Jeremy Murphy

Selected: third round, 26th overall
Position: Receiver
School: Concordia
Ht: 6-0; Wt: 180
Born: May 14, 1999; Hometown: Montreal, Que.

Tanner Schmekel

Selected: fourth round, 35th overall
Position: Defensive tackle
School: Regina
Ht: 6-2; Wt: 270
Born: July 22, 1999; Hometown: Regina

Collin Kornelson

Selected: fifth round, 44th overall
Position: Defensive tackle
School: Manitoba
Ht: 6-2; Wt: 288
Born: February 14, 2000; Hometown: Winnipeg

Bret MacDougall

Selected: sixth round, 53rd overall
Position: Defensive back
School: Windsor
Ht: 6-2; Wt: 185
Born: June 25, 2001; Hometown: LaSalle, Ont.

Jonathan Rosery

Selected: seventh round, 62nd overall
Position: Running back/receiver
School: Alberta
Ht: 5-8; Wt: 199
Born: January 16, 2000; Hometown: Edmonton, Alb.

Max Charbonneau

Selected: eighth round, 71st overall
Position: Linebacker
School: Ottawa
Ht: 6-3; Wt: 225
Born: August 19, 1999; Hometown: Ottawa



Selected: second round, 13th overall
Position: Defensive back
School: Waterloo
Ht: 6-0; Wt: 180
Born: March 3, 1998 in Niagara Falls, ON


Selected: fourth round, 38th overall
Position: defensive tackle
School: Manitoba
Ht: 6-5; Wt: 291.
Born: April 21, 1999 in Winnipeg, Mb.


Selected: fifth round, 47th overall
Position: Defensive back
School: Ottawa
Ht: 6-3; Wt: 190
Born: April 19, 1996 in Montreal, QC


Selected: sixth round, 56th overall
Position: defensive line
School: Guelph
Ht: 6-3; Wt: 280
Born: April 13, 1998 in Saint Jerome, QC


Selected: seventh round, 65th overall
Position: defensive back
School: Carleton
Ht: 6-0; Wt: 206
Born: December 24, 1997 in Gatineau, QC


Selected: eighth round, 74th overall
Position: fullback
School: Queen’s
Ht: 5-11; Wt: 215
Born: January 4, 1996 in Amhertsview, ON

Do I really have to go through more years, or can we just agree that if the CFL draft does much of anything it opens the door for Canadian players.

But maybe, just maybe, the 2024 draft is different (call me skeptical).

This in itself should be telling, “Believing there was not much difference between the players available in the range of eighth and 20th overall in the CFL Draft, Walters was able to trade his first-round pick for two second-rounders, move down five spots in the order, and get two valuable players for the price of one. ”

While main stream media will spin this to mean, ‘Man there was great depth in this year’s draft,’ I read it like this…there really was not many stand out players in this year’s draft.

Hopefully many of these guys prove me wrong!

With that, here is the Bomber’s 2024 draft selections.

Fabian Weitz

Selected: Round 1, eighth overall
Position: linebacker
School/last club: Cologne Centurions (European League of Football)
Ht: 6-0; Wt: 221

Lucky Ogbevoen

Selected: Round 2, 17th overall
Position: defensive back/linebacker
School/last club: Tirol Raiders (ELF)
Ht: 6-2; Wt: 223

Kevens Clercius
 Round 2, 13th overall
Position: receiver
School: Connecticut
Ht: 6-2; Wt: 212

Michael Chris-Ike

Selected: Round 2, 14th overall
Position: running back
School: Delaware State
Ht: 6-1; Wt: 225

Gabe Wallace

Selected: Round 2, 17th overall
Position: offensive line
School: Buffalo
Ht: 6-6; Wt: 344

Kyle Samson

Selected: Round 2, 20th overall
Position: defensive tackle
School: UBC
Ht: 6-3; Wt: 290

Ian Leroux

Selected: Round 4, 37th overall
Position: long snapper
School: Laval
Ht: 6-1; Wt: 225

Ethan Kalra

Selected: Round 5, 40th overall
Position: offensive line
School: Waterloo
Ht: 6-2; Wt: 309

Giovanni Manu

Selected: Round 5, 46th overall
Position: offensive line
School: UBC
Ht: 6-8; Wt: 340

AK Gassama

Selected: Round 6, 55th overall
Position: receiver
School: Manitoba
Ht: 5-9; Wt: 158

Michael Vlahogiannis

Selected: Round 7, 64th overall
Position: offensive line
School: McGill
Ht: 6-3; Wt: 312

Owen Hubert

Selected: Round 8, 73rd overall
Position: defensive end
School: McMaster
Ht: 6-4; Wt: 263

Look here to the Bombers for more on each of these players.

While I certainly will not be rushing out and buying any of those guy’s jerseys (not only because they do not have a number yet, but also I do not know how may of them will make the team), I certainly wish each and everyone of them the best of luck!

I will not blame Walters for making it sound like the Bombers found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after the draft. Full video here

They are experts in marketing, which is one of the reasons they posted huge profits last year!

I am just skeptical on how much the CFL draft actually matters.

If you think the Bombers scored huge in the draft, which choice are you most excited about?

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