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Bombers Prepare for West Division Final Against Roughriders Amidst Pretty Cold Conditions

The Blue Bombers are set to face the Roughriders in the West Division final on Sunday December 5th at 4 PM EST. In essence the team is looking to that West Division final like any other game it would seem. QB, Zach Collaros said:

via Global News

“It’s been this way all season. On off days it’s usually a full house (around the locker room), unless we have the COVID-protocol where we’re getting tested and not allowed in the building. It’s a veteran team, it’s the culture, it’s the standard that’s been set here…

Each position group the leaders are in here on the off days wanting to get better. There’s a time and place about when to step away. But I could feel it all season long – guys just wanting to continue to try and get better with their craft and learn more about the game and all those things.”


The Bombers are two and O in playing the Roughriders. They defeated them 23 to 8 on the 5th of September, and 33 to 9 the following game on the 11th of September, but that hasn’t at all led to a big head on their part collectively. They’re approaching the game as they approached the whole season, with a want to improve even, despite the lead they enjoyed all season.

They lost both of their last game, head coach Mike O’Shea deciding to play the B team, but they are looking ahead to this West Division final with hope and it would clearly seem a clear head to boot.

They do have their hands full with one aspect however…the cold weather, but that too is a challenge that they seem to be willing to meet head on.

It’s been cold at practice and the forecast doesn’t look at all warm for the West Division final either, but the team is looking ahead ready and willing to face all the difficult challenges that lay ahead on that front…

Bombers ready for cold weather climate set for West Division final

Forecasts for Sunday actually show quite the chill set for game time, and it looks like temperatures will be going anywhere from minus-10 and minus-15, according to the Winnipeg Sun.

via bluebomberscom

Brandon Alexander, who is from sunny Orlando, Florida stated of the weather in Canada in general:

“My rookie year, rookie mini-camp I was here in April and there was ice on the side, and it was 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s April. Back at home, it’s 90 degrees. So, that right there changed my mindset. That was literally the first day I got here. So, I already had to buy in.”

via Winnipeg Sun

Willie Jefferson, who hails from Texas stated:  

“Oh, it took me a couple years to get used to it. But I’m here now. I’m acclimated. I’m ready to go out there and play my ball without my sleeves on. Guys hate coming here to play; because it’s so cold. We call it Winterpeg for a reason. A lot of it is mental. As soon as you step off the bus and that wind hits you in the face… it takes a lot for that mental aspect of wanting to play football to kick in.”

via Winnipeg Sun

Head coach, Mike O’Shea also had some words on the subject—specifically if the boys want to wear more layers if the weather gets too cold. He said:

“It’s better than the other way… guys going back in part-way through practice. That would be a good indicator that we’re going to have some problems in December. You can develop that grit. You can work on it. If they want to layer-up like crazy, go ahead. But there’s a part of it that says they’ve got to get used to it.”

via Winnipeg Sun

So yeah…‘grin and bear it’ seems to be the mantra going into Sunday’s game. They seem to have other things on their minds besides the cold weather it would seem.

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