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Redblacks Situation Grows Dire after 5th Straight Loss—What Went Wrong?

As we reported earlier this week, the Ottawa Redblacks suffered yet another loss, and this time to the Hamilton Tiger Cats. The final score was 24 to 7. That makes 5 losses in a row unfortunately, the Redblacks only having won their first game of the season against the Elks 16 to 12 back on the 7th of August.

And before this last game, the Alouettes decimated them by a whopping 51 to 29 and the Lions the week after by a 45 to 13! They are last in the East Division.

via CFL /YouTube

Going into their second game with the Elks on the 28th of September, morale isn’t high at all, and may are wondering about what the future holds for the Ottawa Redblacks this season.

What kind of statement a game like this undoubtedly makes

In this last game, the Ti-Cats even started a third string QB in David Watford, and they were missing some key players including receivers Bralon Addison, Speedy Banks and DeVier Posey.

Watford via Sportsnet

Now talk about statements. The word dire comes to mind.

It’s not looking good to be quite honest. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, but one glaring point of worry this past game was of course the QB position.

As can be seen from the game, and as was reported by the Ottawa Sun, Nate Behar completed only a single pass, and both Matt Nichols and Dominique Davis and the sadly lackluster performance of Nate Behar’s, many are wondering just who will be playing come the 28th against the Elks.

Also according to the Ottawa Sun…this marks the team’s 11th consecutive home game loss, which goes back all the way to 2019. The situation has many scratching their heads, wondering at what the problem may be.

If I may be permitted to editorialize for a brief moment, it’s sad to see and very reminiscent of their 87-88 losing streak of 14 losses in a row, so much so that it’s scary. So many talented players, with promising football futures, it feels almost as if they’re cursed at home. This recent string of losses has left not only fans upset and worried, but the head coach as well.

LaPolice via TSN

Ottawa Redblacks head coach, Paul LaPolice, had this to say about the sad and sorry state of affairs:

“…I’ve been in this business a long time…I don’t know if people really understand. They go home after the game and go, ‘Oh, yeah, you won or you lost, what are you doing the next couple of days?’ Well, you’re going right back to the office and trying to find a chance to win. Obviously, I’m frustrated. I was very disappointed. We need to respond…”

via Ottawa Sun

Another bold statement to keep in mind: For the entirety of the first quarter, the Redblacks didn’t even have a single down. And it wasn’t like the Ti-Cats had their best game either…a missed field goal by Taylor Bertolet proves that they had chances (many of them), especially on that particular miss, but they let the clock run out. Many missed opportunities for Ottawa, for sure, the Ti-Cats thus capitalizing at every turn.

Yet despite the circumstances, some are hopeful; particularly linebacker Micah Awe:

“…Fans are frustrated…It’s different if the fans don’t have any emotion toward you. The fact the fans feel frustrated means that they see something. Most importantly, we have to see something in ourselves. To the fans – just stay there; keep coming…keep watching because we do have the right guys in the locker room. We do have the guys who want to be good and want to win. It’s just a matter of time…”

via Ottawa Sun

The bottom line

It was obvious that the defense did their best…a few hiccups sure, but one single portion of the team cannot keep up the momentum, especially if another one is lagging and it can be deduced that the issue here is in the offence primarily. Essentially, they can’t finish.

Of course it’s easy to play Monday Morning Quarterback, or in this case Thursday Morning QB (although I’m writing this on the morning of Friday the 24th, so I’ve had two whole days almost to digest the debacle), but the issues need to certainly  be addressed if Micah Awe’s prophesy is to come true, which we hope it does.

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Fingers crossed, Redblack fans.

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1 Comment

  1. David Tress

    September 25, 2021 at 1:03 pm

    If Ottawa desires to win more games and draw more fans they should seek to have Johnny Manziel reinstated and play for the Redblacks.

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