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Roughriders and Edmonton Elks to Tighten Covid-19 Rules

With the CFL season having just started this month after the effects of the pandemic laid waste on the league, most in management want to keep the game going for sure, and with Covid-19 numbers rising across North America, it would seem that both the Riders and the Elks plan on keeping it safe in the stands.

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Where the two teams stand after Week 4

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are currently 1st in the Western division and that’s for very good reason: the team has yet to be defeated this season, and their win over the Ottawa Redblacks on the 21st, a 23-10 victory, proves that they definitely mean business moving forward.

As for the Elks, they’re second to last in the same division, and aren’t enjoying the greatest of seasons thus far, but hey, it’s obviously still quite early in the proceedings, so Elks fans, stand fast and hold onto faith. After all, the famous sports adage is “It isn’t over until it’s over,” for a reason.  

They won their last game, which was vs. The Lions on August 19th—a game they won 21-16.

Of course their last game, which was to be vs. the Toronto Argonauts which was supposed to have been played on August 26th, was postponed due to the Covid-19 virus.

The CFL had made this statement in regards to that postponement:

“…The Canadian Football League is postponing this Thursday’s game in Toronto between the Toronto Argonauts and Edmonton Elks after receiving word earlier today that a number of Elks players have tested positive for COVID-19. This is in keeping with the standard of care for COVID-19 and professional sport. It also reflects our desire to put the health and safety of our players, coaches and staff – as well as public health – above all other considerations…The Elks will not practice or travel until our Chief Medical Officers and public health officials have assured us it is safe for them to do so. All of the Elks’ Tier One personnel, including players, coaches and support staff will now be subjected to an enhanced testing protocol which includes isolation…”

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New Covid-19 safety procedures set in place

So seeing that things for the Elks isn’t going all that well in the threat of this fourth wave, they have decided to bump up protocols and procedures in keeping everybody safe at the coming home games. As have the Roughriders.

According to an article at, all procedures to keep the virus at bay at upcoming shows have been bumped up, and this is for both of the above teams.

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According to the new rules both teams have set up, fans attending games must either hand in negative Covid-19 results, or prove that they have been fully vaccinated. By providing this information and only then, will they be admitted into either Mosaic Stadium or The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium.

These rules are said to be going in effect on September 17th for the Roughriders when they are set to face Toronto and on October 15th for the Elks, on which day they are to face the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Why not immediately is unclear.

Riders president Craig Reynolds said:

“…In consultations with local medical health officers this past week, they voiced their support to begin requiring proof of vaccination at Roughrider games…after speaking with our stakeholders, including the City of Regina – our stadium owner, REAL – our stadium operator, and the CFL, we decided that this is the right decision for our club and for our fans….”

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The Elks are set to face the Calgary Stampeders on the 6th, and the Roughriders are set to face the Blue Bombers on September 5th.

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More details are apparently coming as the day progresses, if they haven’t already, and we’ll stay on the story, here at CFL News Hub.

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