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Truth Bombers: Good To Be Lucky Or Lucky To Be Good? The Bombers Are Both!

It is an old adage in sports that you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good. If you have been watching the Bombers this year you know that is true. Winnipeg is a good team (actually a great team), and yet they have been getting lucky at times.

A perfect example of them getting some luck was their last game vs. Calgary in the a game which would become the battle of the kickers – though some put a more positive spin on it and call it a “Defensive Battle”.

Winnipeg would end up winning that game 19-18 and would get some luck to help them out. No, I am not talking about the Houston interception for a touchdown – that was a play made by a good player. Instead, I am talking about the TWO Rene Paredes missed field goals. Ok, one of them was from a good distance, but Paredes has shown that he can hit those when necessary. The other one…well, Paredes should have had that, and that’s where the Bombers got lucky.

After the Bombers’ star quarterback and back-to-back Most Outstanding player (Zach Collaros) got injured a week ago, Dru Brown came in and looked fabulous! Yet, in their win against Calgary, Dru Brown looked average at best.

Just look at the difference between Brown’s game vs. Edmonton and his game vs. Calgary. It is a complete night and day, or should I say day and night difference!

This brings the conversation back to the good/lucky question. Is Dru Brown good or did he get lucky when he came in last week for Zach vs Edmonton? I think the jury is still out on that one as we do not know who the real Dru Brown is yet. That may all become a bit more clear if Zach Collaros does not start on Thursday vs Montreal (who should not be taken for granted at 6-3).

What we do know is that the Bombers are not even luck to be good (they have worked on getting in the right personal for years), but because they are good they do get the lucky bounces that help make a difference! A bad team with a bit of luck usually just looks a little less bad. A good/great team with a bit of luck is a force to be reckoned with…and that is exactly what the Bombers are this year.

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