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Clink: CFL Week 12 Stars of the Week: 1st Team and 2nd Team

Week 12 top 2 teams of the week. Jackson Jeffcoat, Folarin Orimolade, and Nyles Morgan had the highest defensive grades. Tre Ford was the highest-rated quarterback.

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TeamPosWeek 12 1st TeamTeamPosWeek 12 2nd Team
1stQBTre Ford (EDM)2ndQBJake Maier (CGY)
1stRBJames Butler (HAM)2ndRBBrady Oliveira (WPG)
1stWRReggie Begelton (CGY)2ndWRMarken Michel (CGY)
1stWRKeon Hatcher (BC)2ndWRDaVaris Daniels (TOR)
1stWREugene Lewis (EDM)2ndWRNic Demski (WPG)
1stWRDalton Schoen (WPG)2ndWRTim White (HAM)
1stWRDamonte Coxie (TOR)2ndWRAlexander Hollins (BC)
1stLTDino Boyd2ndLTStanley Bryant
1stLGDrew Desjarlais2ndLGGeoff Gray
1stCCyrille Hogan-Saindon2ndCChris Kolankowski
1stRGJacob Ruby2ndRGPatrick Neufeld
1stRTDontae Bull2ndRTJemarcus Hardrick
1stDEJackson Jeffcoat (WPG)2ndDEJulian Howsare (CGY)
1stDTCasey Sayles (HAM)2ndDTDewayne Hendrix (TOR)
1stDTMustafa Johnson (MTL)2ndDTCleyon Laing (OTT)
1stDEFolarin Orimolade (TOR)2ndDEShawn Lemon (MTL)
1stLBTyrice Beverette (MTL)2ndLBAdam Konar (EDM)
1stMLBNyles Morgan (EDM)2ndMLBTyrell Richards (MTL)
1stCLBLB – Adarius Pickett (TOR)2ndCLBTitus Wall (CGY)
1stCBWinston Rose (WPG)2ndCBMarcus Lewis (EDM)
1stHBKobe Williams (CGY)2ndHBDarrius Bratton (EDM)
1stSMarc-Antoine Dequoy (MTL)2ndSRoyce Metchie (TOR)
1stHBWesley Sutton (MTL)2ndHBEvan Holm (WPG)
1stCBJamal Peters (TOR)2ndCBDemerio Houston (WPG)
1stKDean Faithful (EDM)2ndKMarc Liegghio (HAM)
1stPRichie Leone (OTT)2ndPBoris Bede (TOR)
1stSTJavon Leake (TOR)2ndSTChandler Worthy (MTL)

Defensive Line

First Team DE – Jackson Jeffcoat (WPG)

Jeffcoat was a beast against Montreal. He had 2 good run stops in the first half as well as assisting with another. He also applied quality pressure on the quarterback 3 times and near pressure on another. Jeffcoat did a good job closing in on a fumbled snap getting Winnipeg the football and helping with a sack in the 4th quarter.

First Team DT – Casey Sayles (HAM)

Sayles had a sack in the first quarter and had 4 run stops through the game. He also broke up a pass in the 2nd quarter.

First Team DT – Mustafa Johnson (MTL)

Johnson had a great game. He put pressure on the quarterback by pushing the offensive lineman back causing an incompletion in the first quarter. He had a sack in the 2nd quarter and 3 quality run stops through the game as well as a couple of other good tackles against the run.

First Team DE – Folarin Orimolade (TOR)

Orimolade brought the heat against Calgary. He had 2 sacks and helped with another. Additionally, there were 6 plays in which he put some pressure on the quarterback, 3 of which stood out as of higher quality.

Second Team DE – Julian Howsare (CGY)

Howsare played very well generating pressure on 6 different plays, 5 of which were of higher quality. On one of his pressures, he hit Chad Kelly’s arm causing him to underthrow the pass for an interception. He also had a quality run stop and a couple of other good run tackles.

Second Team DT – Dewayne Hendrix (TOR)

Hendrix had 3 quality run stops, 2 of which were for a loss. He also 

Second Team DT – Cleyon Laing (OTT)

Laing generated pressure on the pass rush 3 times and had 2 quality run stops in the loss to Edmonton.

Second Team DE – Shawn Lemon (MTL)

The Lemonator had 3 quality pressures. The first pressure was on a 3-man rush in the first quarter and on another pressure Collaros threw an interception. He also had a run tackle in the 4th quarter as well as showed good pursuit on another run chasing Demski out of bounds on an outside run.


First Team LB – Tyrice Beverette (MTL)

Beverett had 3 run stops as well as another run tackle. He applied pressure on the pass rush twice and had a run tackle.

First Team MLB – Nyles Morgan (EDM)

Nyles Morgan made a lot of good plays for Edmonton. He made 2 run stops and assisted with another. Morgan also made 3 good run tackles, had 2 good tackles on short passes, and generated 2 QB pressures one of which he hit the quarterback as he threw on.

First Team Cover LB – Adarius Pickett (TOR)

Pickett had a pass breakup in the first quarter, pressured the quarterback 3 times, had a good tackle on a short pass play, a run tackle, and helped with another run tackle.

Second Team LB – Adam Konar (EDM)

Konar had 2 pressures, a run stop, a run tackle, and a tackle closing in on a short pass.

Second Team MLB – Tyrell Richards (MTL)

Richards had an interception he returned 40 yards for a touchdown in the first play of the game. He also generated pressure on a play in the 2nd quarter. In the 4th quarter, he made a run tackle but was injured on the play.

Second Team Cover LB – Titus Wall (CGY)

Titus Wall had 2 quality run stops, and 2 other good run tackles, and generated 2 pressures on passing plays.

Defensive Backs

First Team CB – Winston Rose (WPG)

Rose nearly intercepted a ball jumping the route in the 1st quarter and jumped the route for an interception in the 2nd quarter. He had a breakup covering Philpot in the 1st quarter, provided tight coverage on an incompletion targeting Mack in the 2nd, and provided good coverage on a deep ball targeting Mayala in the 2nd half. Rose also had 3 good plays closing in quickly on short passes.

First Team HB – Kobe Williams (CGY)

Williams broke up a pass and had a good run tackle in the 1st quarter and had an interception in the 2nd quarter. He did a good job not losing his man against Toronto in coverage.

First Team S – Marc-Antoine Dequoy (MTL)

Dequoy had 2 interceptions, one of which was returned 57 yards for a touchdown. Deqouy also helped with a couple of run tackles in the second half and had a couple of run tackles in the first half.

First Team HB – Wesley Sutton (MTL)

Sutton had 3 good tackles on run plays, closed in on a short pass play, and pressured the quarterback on an interception in the 2nd quarter. He was injured in the 3rd quarter during a run tackle.

First Team CB – Jamal Peters (TOR)

Peters made a good tackle on a run play as well as a good tackle on a short pass. In a game in which Calgary was passing very efficiently, Peters did a good job of not giving up any big plays and provided good coverage.

Second Team CB – Marcus Lewis (EDM)

Lewis had 2 plays in which he made a good tackle on a short tackle. There was a long pass allowed on his man in the 2nd quarter on a good play by Ottawa as Marcus Lewis was on the receiver providing good coverage.

Second Team HB – Darrius Bratton (EDM)

Provided good coverage on a deep ball in the first quarter that was incomplete. He also had 2 plays in which he closed in on short passes for good tackles, 1 of which was for a loss.

Second Team S – Royce Metchie (TOR)

Metchi had 3 plays in which he made a quick tackle on a short pass. He provided good coverage on an incompletion in the endzone in the 2nd quarter and broke up a pass targeting Reggie Begelton in the 4th quarter on third down.

Second Team HB –  Evan Holm (WPG)

Holm had 2 plays in which he closed quickly on short passes making a good tackle, provided good coverage on a deep ball targeting Philpot, and generated a QB pressure in the 2nd quarter.

Second Team CB – Demerio Houston (WPG)

The biggest play Houston allowed was a 12-yard play to Austin Mack as he kept things locked down pretty well for most of the game. He also made a good tackle on a short pass in the 2nd quarter. Winnipeg only allowed 142 passing yards.


Quarterback performances are outlined in QB Weekly

First Team QB – Tre Ford (EDM)

18 attempts, 15 completions (83%), 317 yards, 1 touchdown, and 10 rushes for 74 yards and 1 rushing touchdown.

First Team QB – Jake Maier (CGY)

42 attempts, 24 completions (60%), 387 yards, 4 touchdowns.

Running Backs

Running back performances are outlined in RB Weekly.

First Team RB – James Butler (HAM)

21 rushes for 118 yards (5.6 average), 1 touchdown, and 3 catches for 36 yards and a receiving touchdown.

Second Team RB – Brady Oliveira (WPG)

18 rushes for 119 yards (6.6 average), 1 touchdown, and 2 catches for 6 yards and a receiving touchdown.

Wide Receivers

Wide receiver performances are outlined in WR Weekly.

First Team WR – Reggie Begelton (CGY)

13 targets,  9 catches,  203 yards,  68 YAC,  2 touchdowns.

First Team WR – Keon Hatcher (BC)

11 targets,  7 catches,  107 yards,  26 YAC,  1 touchdown.

First Team WR – Eugene Lewis (EDM)

4 targets,  3 catches,  112 yards,  51 YAC,  1 touchdown.

First Team WR – Dalton Schoen (WPG)

7 targets,  4 catches,  48 yards,  0 YAC,  2 touchdowns.

First Team WR – Damonte Coxie (TOR)

4 targets,  3 catches,  102 yards,  37 YAC,  1 touchdown.

Second Team WR – Marken Michel (CGY)

7 targets,  4 catches,  82 yards,  56 YAC,  1 touchdown.

Second Team WR – DaVaris Daniels (TOR)

4 targets,  3 catches,  77 yards,  16 YAC,  1 touchdown.

Second Team WR – Nic Demski (WPG)

6 targets,  5 catches,  87 yards,  44 YAC.

Second Team WR – Tim White (HAM)

6 targets,  5 catches,  57 yards,  12 YAC.

Second Team WR – Alexander Hollins (BC)

6 targets,  4 catches,  76 yards,  17 YAC.

Offensive Line

First Team OL – Ottawa RedBlacks

Provided good run blocking that helped Devonte Williams have good launch points to set up for his 7 yards per carry on 12 rushes. The pass protection could have been better with A.C. Leonard and Jake Ceresna both having 3 good QB pressures and Kony Ealy had 2 as well. Considering the quality of Edmonton’s pass rush I thought that the protection was good with some good run blocking. Ottawa had 26 pass attempts and allowed 1 sack.

LT Dino Boyd, LG Drew Desjarlais, C Cyrille Hogan-Saindon, RG Jacob Ruby, RT Dontae Bull

2nd String Center: Hunter Steward

Second Team OL – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

While the Bombers did allow some pressure on pass protection in the first half they had a cleaner second half. They also provided very good run blocking creating holes for Brady Oliveira to launch some good rushes from. Winnipeg allowed 1 sack and had 26 pass attempts.

LT Stanley Bryant, LG Geoff Gray, C Chris Kolankowski, RG Patrick Neufeld, RT Jemarcus Hardrick

2nd String LG: Liam Dobson, C: Tui Eli

Special Teams

First Team Kicker – Dean Faithful (EDM)

3 for 3 in field goals with the longest being 38 yards.

First Team Punter – Richie Leone (OTT)

Averaged 55.4 yards per punt on 5 punts with the longest being 74 yards.

First Team Returner – Javon Leake (TOR)

Returned 6 punts averaging 21.7 yards per punt return with the longest being an 86-yard touchdown. Returned 4 kickoffs averaging 28.3 yards each.

Second Team Kicker – Marc Liegghio (HAM)

3 for 3 in field goals with the longest being 35 yards.

Second Team Punter – Boris Bede (TOR)

Averaged 52.6 yards per punt on 7 punts with the longest being 75 yards.

Second Team Returner – Chandler Worthy (MTL)

Returned 7 kickoffs averaging 29.4 yards per return. Returned 1 punt for 5 yards.

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