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Clink: Canada West Week 2 Team of the Week, U Sports Football

Canada West Week 2 Football Team of the Week. Anton Amundrud (Saskatchewan) completed 29 of his 40 passes for 391 yards and 4 touchdowns with 1 interception.

Week 2’s team of the week is being posted now due to a video issue with the Calgary vs. UBC game.

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PosWeek 2 Team of the Week
QBAnton Amundrud (SSK)
RBMatthew Peterson (AB)
WRRhett Vavra (SSK)
WRSam Davenport (UBC)
WRShemar McBean (UBC)
WRGob Deng (CGY)
WRKolby Hurford (AB)
LTCarter Stuart (AB)
LGNolan O’Donovan (AB)
CDaniel Shin (AB)
RGMatthew Ljuden (AB)
RTCody Neumann (AB)
DEJordan Friesen (MB)
DTReece McCormick (SSK)
DTCharlie Parks (SSK)
DEClark Leonard (UBC)
LBNick Wiebe (SSK)
LBSeth Hundeby (SSK)
LBCole Priestly (AB)
CBRomeo Nash (AB)
HBNixen Voll (SSK)
SRyan Baker (UBC)
HBMax Polischuk (REG)
CBCam Skinner (SSK)
KJonathan Giustini (AB)
PChris Maclean (CGY)
STEdgerrin Williams-Hernandez (UBC)

QB Anton Amundrud (SSK) 

Amundrud completed 29 of his 40 passes for 391 yards and 4 touchdowns with 1 interception in week 2. He threw a 39-yard touchdown to Daniel Perry who got open with pressure coming. He dropped a pass into Rhett Vavra for 29 yards. He did a good job taking what a zone defense was giving him and remained calm under pressure.

RB Matthew Peterson (AB) 

Rushed 17 times for 158 yards (9.3 average). Peterson picked up 9 yards on a 17-yard run after the initial contact. He bounced out to the left for 15 yards on a play when there was nowhere up the middle. He broke a tackle early on an 18 ard run in the third quarter.

WR Rhett Vavra (SSK) 

Vavra caught 6 passes for 130 yards and 3 touchdowns in week 2. He showed good ball security absorbing a big hit on a 15-yard gain and still making the catch through the impact.

WR Sam Davenport (UBC) 

Caught 5 passes for 91 yards in week 2. Broke a tackle on a 12-yard gain, and got wide open down the left side for a 35-yard gain.

WR Shemar McBean (UBC) 

McBean had 3 catches for 87 yards and a touchdown in week 2. He broke 2 tackles on a 22-yard play. He caught a 35-yard touchdown in double coverage.

WR Gob Deng (CGY) 

Deng caught 7 passes for 160 yards and 2 touchdowns in week 2. He broke 2 tackles on a 12-yard gain. He had good focus on a 28-yard touchdown towards the end of the game.

WR Kolby Hurford (AB) 

Hurford caught 4 passes for 70 yards in week 2. He made a man miss on a 24-yard gain and had a great catch down the middle on another 24-yard play. 

Offensive Line: Alberta Golden Bears

Alberta’s offensive line did a great job run blocking as Alberta had 38 rushing attempts for 304 yards on the ground averaging 8 yards per attempt. They also did a great job limiting Manitoba’s pass rush in week 2.

LT Carter Stuart (AB), LG Nolan O’Donovan (AB), C Daniel Shin (AB), RG Matthew Ljuden (AB), RT Cody Neumann (AB) 

DE Jordan Friesen (MB) 

In week 2 Friesen had 4 solo tackles. He also had 3 QB hurries and a run stop. He hurried the quarterback on an interception.

DT Reece McCormick (SSK) 

In week 2 McCormick had 4 QB hurries a solo run stop and an interception.

DT Charlie Parks (SSK) 

Parks had 2 solo tackles in week 2. He had 3 QB hurries, a run stop, and flew in for a sack in the 2nd quarter.

DE Clark Leonard (UBC) 

In week 2 against Calgary Leonard had 2 solo tackles and an assisted tackle. He had 3 QB hurries, 2 run stops, and a shared run stop. He also recovered a fumble.

LB Nick Wiebe (SSK) 

3 solo tackles 2 assisted tackles. Also had a QB hurry, 3 run stops, and a stop against a pass play.

LB Seth Hundeby (SSK) 

Hundeby had 5 solo tackles and 3 assisted tackles in week 2. He had a stop against the run and the pass.

LB Cole Priestly (AB) 

Priestly had 4 solo tackles in week 4. He also had 2 QB hurries and 2 run stops. He provided good coverage on a deep pass that resulted in an incompletion.

CB Romeo Nash (AB)

Nash had 2 solo tackles in week 2. He provided great coverage on 2 deep incompletions targetting A.K. Gassama.

HB Nixen Voll (SSK) 

Voll had a solo tackle and 3 assisted tackles in week 2. He made a great pick diving for a tipped ball near the sideline. He also made a good tackle near a sideline and helped with a run stop on another play on a 1st and goal.

S Ryan Baker (UBC) 

Baker had 2 solo tackles and an assisted tackle in week 2. He also had a fumble recovery and an interception.

HB Max Polischuk (REG) 

Polischuk had 6 solo tackles in week 2. He provided good coverage on a short pass resulting in an incompletion. There were also 2 plays in which he closed in quickly on short passes to limit the opponent’s offense.

CB Cam Skinner (SSK) 

Did not allow any big plays his way in week 2. Had 4 solo tackles, a tackle for a loss, and an interception. He also provided good coverage on an incompletion in the end zone.

K Jonathan Giustini (AB) 

Made 3 of his 5 field goals in week 2 and went 4 for 4 in extra points. He made field goals from 25,33, and 49 yards. He missed a field goal from 38 and had a 41-yard field goal blocked.

P Chris Maclean (CGY) 

Maclean had 10 punts averaging 49.1 yards per punt and had 1 punt inside the 20.

ST Edgerrin Williams-Hernandez (UBC) 

Returned 8 punts averaging 11.5 yards per return and had the longest punt return of anyone in week 2 which was a 29-yard return.

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