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CFL Week 9 Draft Kings, Game Zone Weekly Picks and Sleepers, 110Yards Waiver Wire

Great deals on players flying under the radar who are of higher value than what their pricing or availability would indicate.

Places to Play

110 Yards: is your traditional fantasy football website where you play in a season-long league with your friends and players are drafted onto teams prior to the start of the season. They do support creating a league midway through the CFL season. Waivers will be processed on Wednesday morning this week.

CFL Game Zone: is the CFL’s site which includes weekly fantasy.

Draft Kings: Weekly and Daily fantasy games typically involving real money. Please be very responsible if you play here.

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Dustin Crum (OTT) QB vs Montreal

Draft Kings Price: $10.4K

Game Zone Price: $7.5K

Ownership Percentage: 62%

Dustin Crum did not play particularly well and looked rather predictable as outlined in my QB rankings article. Crum still picked up 82 rushing yards. A quarterback who can consistently pick up large rushing numbers holds pretty high fantasy value. Crum only his 3 CFL starts to his name and he is still growing as a passer.

Dane Evans (BC) QB @ Winnipeg

Draft Kings Price: $9.1K

Game Zone Price: $10K

Ownership Percentage: 35%

Dane Evans completed 25 of his 32 passes (78%) for 330 yards and 2 touchdowns against Edmonton. He was the only starting quarterback this past week to have a passing efficiency rating over 75 and he had 130.5. He played in place of an injured Vernon Adams Jr. who was limited in practice on Monday. If Adams is unable to go, Evans is a great budget option for your team and available in many 110 Yard leagues.

Taquan Mizzell (BC) RB @ WPG

Draft Kings Price: $8.1K

Game Zone Price: $13.5K

Ownership Percentage: 58%

He had the biggest day among running backs in the CFL in week 8 as he came back after missing 2 games due to an injury. He is only the 7th most expensive running back in draft kings this week.

William Stanback (MTL), RB @ HAM

Draft Kings Price: $8.4K

Game Zone Price: $9K

Ownership Percentage: 69%

Stanback is coming off his biggest game of the season. Montreal was noncommittal to the run thus far this season. Against Calgary, they ran the ball and voila the 2021 CFL all-star played great. Stanback is just the 6th most expensive running back on draft kings this week.

Kenny Lawler (WPG) WR vs BC

Draft Kings Price: $6K

Game Zone Price: $10K

110 Yards Ownership Percentage: 68%

Lawler missed the first 6 games due to an immigration issue. In his only game so far this season he had 16.3 fantasy points. He was the league leader in yards in 2021 and is reunited with Zach Collaros.

Reggie Begelton (CGY) WR vs TOR

Draft Kings Price: $8.7K

Game Zone Price: $13K

110 Yards Ownership Percentage: 85%

Begelton has been a start this season and is available at a discount. He is third in yards per game and yet is only the 10th most expensive receiver on draft kings.

Tevin Jones (SSK) WR vs Ottawa

Draft Kings Price: $8.6K

Game Zone Price: $13.6K

110 Yards Ownership Percentage: 70%

Jones has been consistently great this season. He has the highest points per game among receivers and is the 11th highest-priced receiver on draft kings.

Justin Hardy (OTT) WR @ SSK

Draft Kings Price: $8.1K

Game Zone Price: $11K

110 Yards Ownership Percentage: 60%

Hardy was the most targeted receiver for Ottawa last week. Dustin Crum is heading into his 4th career CFL start and there is a lot of potential in the Ottawa passing game.

Nate Behar (OTT) WR @ SSK

Draft Kings Price: $5.2K

Game Zone Price: $9.5K

110 Yards Ownership Percentage: 58%

Behar has been targetted 27 times over Dustin Crum’s 3 starts for Ottawa and has had some very productive games since Crum took over at QB for Ottawa.

Duke Williams (HAM) WR vs MTL

Draft Kings Price: $7.4K

Game Zone Price: $10.5K

110 Yards Ownership Percentage: 77%

Duke Williams has accounted for the majority of the Hamilton receiving yards yet is not priced high on draft kings.

Tyson Philpot (MTL) WR @ HAM

Draft Kings Price: $4.7K

Game Zone Price: $8K

Ownership Percentage: 29%

Philpot played his first game of the season in week 8. In his rookie season, he was the starter for the final 3 regular season games and 2 playoff games. He showed great growth over the season and finished the year with 8 catches for 127 yards and a touchdown in Montreal’s playoff loss to Toronto.

Draft Kings Example Roster

Game Zone Example Roster

110Yards Waiver Wire Team

Roster Compiled of Players Available in over 50% of leagues.

110 Yards Waiver Wire Rosters

Creating an offensive roster compiled of players available in over 50% of leagues.

QB: Dane Evans, BC Lions, 35% ownership

RB: Taquan Mizzell, BC Lions, 40% ownership

WR: Terry Godwin II, HAM, 29% ownership

WR: Tyson Philpot, MTL 29% ownership

WR: Tyler Snead, Montreal Alouettes, 35% ownership

DL: Malik Carney, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 41% ownership

LB: Bo Lokombo, BC, 46% ownership

DB: Robertson Daniel, TOR, 46% ownership

K: Brett Lauther, Saskatchewan Roughriders 48% ownership

Creating an offensive roster compiled of players available in over 25% of leagues.

QB: Taylor Powell, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 8% ownership

RB: Devonte Williams, Ottawa RedBlacks, 20% ownership

WR: Dejon Brissett, TOR, 16% ownership

WR: Cam Phillips, TOR, 16% ownership

WR: Bralon Addison, OTT, 12% ownership

DL: Mike Rose, CGY, 20% ownership

LB: Frankie Griffin, Ottawa RedBlacks, 18% ownership

DB: Kabion Ento, Montreal Alouettes, 12% ownership

K: Marc Liegghio, Hamilton Tiger-Cats 45% ownership

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  1. David Tress

    August 2, 2023 at 12:00 pm

    Chad Kelly should be the #1 Fantasy Football pick as he is undefeated. Johnny Manziel is opening a new high-end bar at Texas A and M; he’s definatly not broke. The CFL should have him reinstated to play as he granted the CFL its highest TV ratings ever. Banning someone for life for failing to see a shrink seems a violation of player’s rights.

  2. Michael Muldoon

    August 3, 2023 at 12:15 pm

    Manziel was very average when he played for Montreal. I was at one of the games he played in, and he was actually next to awful. His effect on ratings was more a blip resulting from curiosity than anything else. He has played in 10 games in nothing leagues in the past four years, and his statistics have progressively worsened over that time. He is also been on the record several times in the past year that he no longer has the interest in playing pro football that he once had. You can bellow all you want about the CFL reinstating him, but the CFL doesn’t want him, the CFL doesn’t need him, his best days are behind him, and he doesn’t really want to play anymore anyways.

  3. David Tress

    August 4, 2023 at 11:43 am

    Your right Michael, Manziel was awful during those early games. But he also was improving with each outing. The thing is, he didn’t quit, and if he was offered a good deal I think he’d return and make things interesting.

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