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CFL Fantasy Football Rankings 2023: Top 70 PPR – Cheatsheet, Player Summaries

The CFL fantasy football player rankings are finally here! Gear up for the upcoming CFL fantasy football season and show your friends that you’re better at watching football than them. 

**Update*: I have updated positional rankings following week 1 of the CFL. Links Below.*

Week 1 Wide Receiver Rankings

Week 1 Runningback Rankings

Week 1 Quarterback Rankings

These rankings are for CFL Fantasy Football Head to Head Leagues. This ranking is for PPR leagues (point per reception). The decision to choose PPR is that it is the most popular version of fantasy football compared to standard scoring. Scoring is also more predictable in PPR leagues as standard scoring for players fluctuates up and down much in standard leagues.

Remember in fantasy football we are chasing touches and volume. Just because you think a team’s 2nd string runningback might be among the top 5 in the league does not mean they carry significant fantasy value if they are not getting many touches.

Here is an image of the rankings below as well as a pdf to print for rankings on 1 page as well as another pdf with the rankings on 2 pages for larger text. Below I wrote briefly about every player I ranked and my thought process as to why I put what players at certain ranks. Interesting stuff if you’d like to learn about the offensive weaponry around the CFL.

Where to Play


Roster Format

Schedule Format



Wide Receivers


Here is the 2-page version in image form in case anyone has trouble with the PDF version.

Where to Play

You can play CFL fantasy football at our website Our website is in its first year and is in a beta testing state. At this time it is not yet possible yet to play with all of the settings that for this ranking are considered the standard.

You can also play at which has been established for years.


The following will be considered as the standard for league scoring and roster formatting moving forward concerning my rankings. The scoring for the rankings assumes that you are playing in a league following standard PPR fantasy football scoring which if you’re unfamiliar looks like this:

Passing: 25 yards = 1 point, Touchdowns = 4 points, Interceptions = -2 points

Rushing: 10 yards = 1 point, Touchdowns = 6 Points, Fumbles = -2 Points

Receiving: Receptions = 1 Point, 10 yards = 1 point, Touchdowns = 6 Points

Roster Format

1 Quarterback, 1 Runningback, 3 Receivers, 1 Kicker. I also recommend playing with 2 Bench slots in your league, 2 Bye slots (to protect a player on a bye), and 1 Injured Reserve slot (to protect an injured player). Of course, your league can choose to change a variable but for the sake of the rankings, this is considered the standard. A league with 2 runningbacks per team would be fun but could prove to be challenging for casual players, especially with the frequency at which CFL teams have bye weeks.

At for fantasy football leagues their commissioners also have the option to add defensive linemen, linebackers, and defensive backs as part of the fantasy football roster format. At this time I am doing offense-only rankings.

A major difference compared to playing NFL fantasy football is that teams are not allowed to put quarterbacks, running backs, or kickers on the bench in our standard CFL fantasy to ensure there is no positional scarcity.

Our recommended league size for CFL Fantasy Football is 6 teams.

Schedule Format

We recommend having the playoffs begin in week 16. Due to the nature of the CFL bye weeks, we recommend having each playoff game be across 2 weeks. This avoids the impact having a key player on a bye week will have on the outcome of playoff games. Playoff semi-finals are weeks 16 and 17 and the championship and consolation game is across weeks 18 and 19. This avoids games in weeks 20 and 21 which has a higher likelihood of starters not playing.


QB1 – Zach Collaros – WPG

Zach’s won the Most Outstanding Player Award in 2021 and 2022. He’s also in the best position to be successful among CFL quarterbacks as Winnipeg adds Kenny Lawler to an already extremely talented receiver room. Last year even third-string runningback, Greg McCrae,  showed he could play well lining up at receiver in a game contributing 95 receiving yards and a touchdown. The offensive depth chart in Winnipeg has no depth.

QB2  – Cody Fajardo – MTL

Fajardo is coming off what is regarded as a down year. To be fair he was battling injuries a lot last year and played for Saskatchewan who gave up the most sacks by a lot at 77, 2nd most sacks allowed was Edmonton at 53. It’s since been stated that Fajardo is 100% healthy. He now has the advantage of playing for a team that gave up 30 fewer sacks last year and has all their starting offensive lineman returning. Fajardo lead the CFL in passing yards in 2019 and was third in 2021. Fajardo is really dangerous with his legs which for fantasy football especially is a massive plus. He was second in rushing yards last year among quarterbacks and first the year before.

QB3 – Taylor Cornelius – EDM

Taylor Cornelius had the highest average points per game last year in fantasy football. His season was limited due to injury as he missed 6 games. I do have some concerns about possible reinjury. General Cornelius plays a physical style of football on a team that gave up the 2nd most sacks last year.

QB4 – Bo Levi Mitchell – HAM

BLM had a slow start in its production last year. He was injured in week 1 with an ankle injury last season but did not miss any games as a result. He was benched halfway through the season after 9 games with Calgary during which he threw for 2,157 yards, 9 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions. No bad numbers but not great either. He didn’t play again until the final 11 minutes of Calgary’s playoff loss during which he threw 8/11 and 147 yards in that short span. Jake Maier threw 12/22 for 138 yards in the 3 quarters he played. Bo Levi played exceptionally in those 11 minutes and showed he can still be king of the CFL where he has been a 2-time MOP and 2-time Grey Cup MVP. I am expecting a very hungry BLM with his new team.

QB5 Jake Maier – CGY

Jake Maier played very well when he got his opportunity to take over Calgary’s offense. He threw for 263 yards per game in his starts. The 26-year-old is entering the season as a team’s starting quarterback for the first time, on a team with very good receivers, run support, and a winning culture. It seems rational to expect that he will be even better this year as he develops in his role as a starting quarterback.

QB6 – Jeremiah Masoli – OTT

I am expecting a big bounceback year from Masoli this year. The big question for him is his health. Masoli has not played a 18-game season since 2018 during which he threw for over 5,200 yards. His season last year was cut short by a season-ending injury in his 4th game. He demonstrated he still has a strong ability to still push the ball downfield last year in the first 2 games against the Blue Bombers during which he threw for 711 yards in 2 games against the stingiest defenses against the passing game. He is expected to not participate in the preseason games so there is some mystery around his health.

QB7 – Chad Kelly – TOR

Chad Kelly is hard to place. On one hand, he was the quarterback under center when Toronto won the Grey Cup after he came in to replace McLeod Bethel-Thompson who was injured in the game. He did play very well in the Grey Cup and was a big reason Toronto won the championship. On the other hand, Swag Kelly only has 1 start to his name in the CFL and it came in week 21 against Montreal when playoff seedings were determined thus teams were playing a lot of backups. In his only start, he threw 23/35 for 264 yards, 2 touchdowns, and an interception and added 35 rushing yards and a touchdown. Kelly had 26 fantasy points that game which is far above average. Kelly has very high potential but the lesser body of work sees him as a high-risk pick.

QB8 – Vernon Adams – BC

Last year Vernon Adams averaged 229 passing yards per game in the 7 games he started that he played fully. He had a lot happen last year starting for Montreal, getting injured, being traded to a new team, being the backup then coming in 1 year later to replace Nathan Rourke for 6 games after his injury. In 2021 he averaged 243 pass yards per game. I would not be surprised at all to see VA have a big season for the Lions this year. They have great receivers. I don’t know how much job security he has with Dane Evans being on the team in the QB2 spot who will want to show that he can still be a CFL starter.

QB9 – Trevor Harris – SSK

Trevor Harris had a strong season last year throwing for over 4 thousand yards in 16 games last year. His average fantasy points per game were fairly average. He is also now playing in Saskatchewan who gave up the most sacks last year. Saskatchewan also had a lot of changes at the receiver position losing most of their American starters in free agency. Their top returning receiver, Kian Schaffer-Baker, is expected to miss the start of the season. For these reasons I have Harris placed lower on my rankings due to what I perceive to be indicators of uncertainty.

This is not a knock on Trevor Harris but until the offensive line can show they are going to protect better than last year, I want to avoid a pocket passer playing for a team with no pocket.

Running Backs

RB1 – Ka’Deem Carey – CGY1

Ka’Deem Carey was first in fantasy points per game last year among runningbacks. Playing again for Calgary who was the strongest rushing team last year Ka’Deem will be very good for your team.

RB2 – James Butler – HAM1

James Butler had a fantastic year in BC last year. He had the most fantasy points total among running backs. It is yet to be seen how many touches a game to expect for him with his new team in Hamilton, but I expect it to be a lot.

RB3 – William Stanback – MTL1

William Stanback missed 13 games after sustaining an injury in week 1. Walter Fletcher and Jeshrun Antwi played well filling in for him in his absence both rushing around 5.7 yards per carry. Stanback rushed for an incredible 1,176 yards in the shortened 12-game season in 2021.

RB4 – Brady Oliveira – WPG1

Oliveira had a little bit of a slower start last year in the first few games running with hesitancy in the backfield. He found his rhythm and I expect him to build on his success going into his second year as a starter. Last season Oliveira had the 2nd most carries in the CFL and plays on a team that puts most of the carries on 1 runningback.

RB5 – Jamal Morrow – SSK1

Very productive in his 12 games last season during which he averaged the 3rd most points per game in PPR leagues and 4th in non-PPR. Frankie Hickson was also very productive as Saskatchewan’s backup in his rookie season, so there is a possibility they may have Hickson take more carries this year.

RB6 – Kevin Brown – EDM1

Kevin Brown entered the league towards the end of the season. He only played 7 games but had a very impressive 6.6 yards per carry. He is predicted to be Edmonton’s starter. There are a lot of changes in the running back personnel in Edmonton and it’s hard to say how many touches to expect Brown to be getting at this time.

RB7 – Devonte Williams – OTT1

Devonte Williams had a strong rookie season going until it was ended due to injury 8 games in. Despite this, he still led the team in rushing. He should be able to pick up where he left off last year.

RB8 – Antonio Williams – BC1

Williams is a CFL rookie but has spent some time in the NFL. He played for the Bills in 2020 appearing in 1 game as an undrafted free agent. It was the only game he had touches in his 3 seasons on NFL practice squads. In his 1 game, he led the team in rushing yards with 63 on 12 carries, scored 2 touchdowns, and added a 20-yard reception. He is the likely starter for BC but will have to still earn the starting role in camp and preseason. There is a big hole to fill in BC with the departure of James Butler.

RB9 – Andrew Harris – TOR1

r/CFL - We are Andrew Harris (33) days away from CFL Football

I feel foolish already putting Harris at number 9. He’s 36 years old but there’s been many seasons in the past where he’s been counted due to his age and then proved everyone wrong. He’s been an important part of every team he’s been on and has won 3 Grey Cups in a row for a reason. He’s had trouble with injuries the last 2 seasons. If he’s able to stay healthy, I expect him to be very hungry in what is expected to be his final season. Will probably not be getting as many carries as he has gotten in the past with a very capable A.J. Ouellette sharing a lot of the reps last year.

RB10 – A.J. Oullette – TOR2

I am expecting somewhat of a split backfield in Toronto based on Andrew Harris’s age to try to keep him healthier for the full season. In the playoffs, Oullette was getting roughly a third of the carries. Oullette also filled in very well during Harris’s injuries.

RB11 – Dedrick Mills – CGY2

Calgary was by far the most productive rushing team last year. Dedrick Mills played very well during the time Calgary’s starter Ka’Deem Carey was injured. 

RB12 – Frankie Hickson – SSK2

Will be a player to watch throughout the season heading into his 2nd season. Had an impressive 6.3 yards per carry as a rookie. If Saskatchewan decides to allocate more reps this year from Jamal Morrow, Hickson’s production could become pretty high.

RB13 – Walter Fletcher – MTL2

Was productive in the absence of William Stanback last year. Fletcher was brought in to backup Jeshrun Antwi after the Stanback injury. Fletcher finished the season 2nd on the depth chart ahead of Antwi. All three backs showed they are very capable. Fletcher’s fantasy value will come down to how many touches he gets.

RB14 – Shannon Brooks – EDM2

Going into the pre-season Edmonton’s backup running back had question marks tied to it. It seems all but certain Shannon Brooks will be in that role. He played his college ball for Minnesota and played last year in the Indoor Football League. In the 2 preseason games for Edmonton, he had 24 carries for 144 yards for 6 yards a carry. He also made himself available to quarterbacks to check the ball down to catching 6 passes for 27 yards. Edmonton tended to give most of their carries last year to 1 runningback so I would avoid investing fantasy drafty capital in Brooks at this time.

RB15 – Johnny Augustine – WPG2

Talented Canadian running back with a lot of speed. It seems in Winnipeg if you’re not at the top of the depth chart at running back you won’t be getting a whole lot of touches in the past. If there’s an injury to Oliveira then Augustine’s fantasy value will skyrocket.

RB16 – Sean Thomas – HAM2

Filled in a couple of games as the starter early in the season while other runningbacks were injured. Was the 2nd string running back the rest of the year. Of the three running backs who started a game last year, he is the only one returning to Hamilton this year and thus seems the most likely player to back up James Butler.

Wide Receivers

Note Regarding Rookies:

Wide receivers can be tricky to predict who is lining up where on the depth chart this early especially for rookies. This list does not include any rookies at this time. For American rookies, there is no draft for these players to be selected by teams.  Unlike the NFL where you can look at where players are taken in the draft and gauge how much value they hold to the team based on where they are taken, for American rookies it is very challenging to predict who is starting until seeing that 2nd preseason game and week 1 depth chart.

I will be talking a lot about other players who emerge in my weekly articles throughout the season as players emerge with high fantasy production potential.

WR1 – Malik Henry – CGY1

Had a fantastic season last year. In 13 games he had over 1,000 yards and 8 touchdowns. If Calgary’s QB, Jake Maier, can push productivity more entering his first full season as a starter Calgary’s receivers will prosper.

WR2 – Tim White – HAM1

Had the 6th highest point production per game in PPR leagues. Now playing with a hungry Bo Levi Mitchell I believe his production 

WR3 – Eugene Lewis – EDM1

Eugene Lewis will be leaned on heavily as he is brought into Edmonton to take the place of Kenny Lawler. I expect him to be getting pretty comparable target numbers that Lawler received in Edmonton last year. If Taylor Cornelius is able to stay healthy I expect Eugene Lewis to have comparable numbers to what he had last year.

WR4 – Dalton Schoen – WPG1

Dalton Schoen led the CFL in receiving yards and touchdowns last year. I suspect he will be just as good this year but I don’t see his fantasy value being quite as high as it was last year. Schoen’s target share was partially inflated due to Greg Ellingson missing 10 games last year. This year the Bombers have added Kenny Lawler who led the CFL in receiving yards in 2021. Winnipeg’s receiving room is extremely talented and I suspect Schoen’s targets to potentially decrease.

WR5 – Kenny Lawler – WPG2

Very hard to say who will have the better year between Lawler and Schoen. The 2022 and the 2021 receiving leaders are teammates now. I expect them both to have multiple games with massive production. I am cautious with these two playing together in such a talented room that some days their production may be lower just due to other talented players receiving more targets on that day.

WR6 – Dominique Rhymes – BC1

BC Lions Nathan Rourke and Dominique Rhymes named CFL’s top performers

Will likely not have as productive of a year as last year with quarterback Nathan Rourke departing to the Jacksonville Jaguars. He did play with Vernon Adams last year when Rourke was injured last year and still had good production during that time.

WR7 – Jaelon Acklin – OTT1

Coming off a strong year where he was 11th in PPR fantasy points per game. A healthy Jeremiah Masoli can help elevate his game. Last year Acklin may have had a slightly increased target share due to the Justin Hardy injury. Ottawa did add Bralon Addison in the offseason who is currently on IR. If the Ottawa receiver room is able to get healthy and stay healthy Acklin could see a reduction in target share.

WR8 – Kurleigh Gittens Jr – TOR1

Led Toronto in receiving last year. We will see how playing with Chad Kelly at quarterback will affect his production, but we are going to live with the assumption that he will again have the most targets on the team.

WR9 – Greg Ellingson – MTL1

Greg Ellingson at 34 years old is still a fantastic receiver. Last year he only played 8 games for Winnipeg due to injury but was on pace for 1,000 yards in a full season. He had the 8th most fantasy PPR points per game last season. We will see how things end up target-wise in Montreal with their shaken-up receiver room, for now, I have him penciled in as their top receiver.

WR10 – Duke Williams – HAM2

Duke Williams had the 12th highest PPR points per game last year across his 8 games played. He is now catching passes from Bo Levi Mitchell and I expect his production to be higher based on this. Bralon Addison is no longer a Tiger-Cat this year so I expect Williams’ targets to go up as well.

WR11 – Derel Walker – SSK2

Derel Walker will be leaned on pretty heavily on his new team in Saskatchewan. Kian Schaffer-Baker is expected to miss the start of the season so for at least the first game I expect Walker to be their primary receiver at the start of the year. 

WR12 – Reggie Begelton – CGY2

Was 15th in PPR fantasy points per game last year. He is in a position to have a similar year or better if QB Jake Maier can take some strides in elevating his team entering as he enters his first season he begins as a starting QB in the CFL.

WR13 – Nic Demski – WPG3

Last year Demski had the 2nd most fantasy points per game across his 13 games. This was in part due to Greg Ellingson missing 8 games for Winnipeg. I expect Demski to have a reduction in targets now with the addition of Kenny Lawler to Winnipeg but I still expect a big season from Demski.

WR14 – Lucky Whitehead – BC2

Was 11th last year in PPR points per game. Could see a reduction in production with the departure of Nathan Rourke but I expect him to still have a very strong year catching passes from Vernon Adams Jr.

WR15 – Justin Hardy – OTT-2

Hardy only played 7 games last year due to injury. Was very productive in those games with 12.9 PPR points per game. Playing with a healthy Jeremiah Masoli should hopefully see his production increase. Shaq Evans broke his finger in preseason and is likely to miss 4-8 weeks. Hardy could have a strong start to the season with a bigger target load as a result of this to fill the void of Evans and Bralon Addison being injured to start the season.

WR16 – Dillon Mitchell – EDM2

Mitchell had the 8th most PPR points per game among receivers but only played in 9 games. If Mitchell and QB Taylor Cornelius and Edmonton’s receivers are able to stay healthy then Edmonton may end up with a very strong passing game.

WR17 – Steven Dunbar Jr – EDM3

Was first in receiving in Edmonton last year partially due to injuries to other receivers. If Taylor Cornelius can take the next steps as a starting QB and stay healthy we could see very good seasons from Edmonton’s top receivers.

WR18 – Kian Schaffer-Baker – SSK1

Led Saskatchewan in receiving last year by a wide margin. Is expected to again be their top receiver. Schaffer-Baker is going to miss the start of the season as he is recovering from surgery, so there’s some risk here in drafting him as it’s not known how many games he is going to miss.

WR19 – Nate Behar – OTT3

Could potentially see an increase in production playing with Jeremiah Masoli. Ottawa added Bralon Addison who is on the 6-game IR. There could potentially be a reduction in targets when Addison returns.

WR20 – DaVaris Daniels – TOR2

Was second in Toronto for receiving yards last year. We shall see how playing with Chad Kelly impacts his production.

WR21 – Tyson Philpot – MTL2

Had a good rookie season last year that saw him start as a backup and started the last 3 games of the season and 2 playoff games. His last game saw him catch 8 passes for 127 yards and a touchdown in Montreal’s playoff loss to Toronto. I expect him to take the next steps in his development heading into his 2nd year.

WR22 – Keon Hatcher – BC3

Hatcher had an impressive season putting up over 1,000 yards and 5 touchdowns. QB Nathan Rourke was putting up record-setting numbers and he may see a reduction in fantasy value playing with Vernon Adams Jr this year but I still see him having a very good season.

WR23 – Markeith Ambles – TOR3

Was third in PPR points per game among receivers from Toronto last year. He was 2nd in receptions for the team. All of Toronto’s top 3 receivers are returning from last year and I expect them to be heavily relied upon by first-year starter Chad Kelly.

WR24 – Cole Spieker – MTL3

Montreal has so many talented American receivers in their training camp this year. Combined with a lot of last year’s starters playing elsewhere this year Montreal’s receiving room is tough to predict. Spieker only started in the last regular season game in which he had 6 catches for 105 yards and a touchdown. He also had a playoff start in which he had 4 catches for 66 yards against Toronto.

WR25 – Rasheed Bailey – WPG4

r/CFL - This unreal photo of Rasheed Bailey’s touchdown

Winnipeg’s receiver room is not fair. Rasheed Bailey is another talented receiver they have who will likely have some quiet games just due to how many other good receivers there are sharing targets. I expect him to have a few games throughout the season where his production goes off as he wins man-coverage battles as teams focus on trying to shut down Kenny Lawler and Dalton Schoen.

WR26 – Jake Wieneke – SSK3

Jake Wieneke has the benefit of playing with the same quarterback again this season with Trevor Harris as they played last year in Montreal. He has the opportunity to step into a bigger role potentially as there has been so much turnover in Saskatchewan’s receiving group.

WR27 – Bralon Addison – OTT4

He is currently on the 6-game injured list. Was quite productive last year in his 8 games when playing for Hamilton. Would be a good player to pick up after the draft and stash on your injured reserve for later in the season.

WR28 – Luther Hakunavanhu – CGY3

Started all but 1 game he was healthy last season for Calgary. There is a little bit of uncertainty about who will emerge as Calgary’s third most relied-on receiver with Kamar Jorden no longer being a Stampeder. Based on his depth chart position last season I would say it is most likely Hakunavan but there are others including Colton Hunchak and Tre Odoms-Dukes who will be pushing for a bigger role as well.

WR29 – Kaion Julien-Grant – MTL3

Kaion Julien-Grant will look to have a bigger role with the departure of Eugene Lewis. He is the only returning receiver to Montreal who started every game last year. 

WR30 – Kyran Moore – EDM4

Had a pretty good production in his 7 games last year with Saskatchewan. Will be looking to build upon that now playing with his new team in Edmonton.

Beyond the top 30

For right now I am only doing a ranking of the top 30 receivers. I will expand this list as more players emerge showing where they will fit on depth charts this year in the future. There are some players I feel should be mentioned past this point based on what they did last year or what we have seen in the preseason thus far. All receivers past this point will be listed in my ranking as “30+”.

WR30+ – Shaq Evans – OTT5

Shaq Evans had over 1300 yards the last time he played a full season in 2019. Perhaps he has a resurgence after 4 years in Saskatchewan now playing in Ottawa. The receiving room in Ottawa does feel a little crowded so it is hard to say if he will receive a high volume of targets.

Between writing this and publishing this, Shaq Evans broke his finger in preseason and is expected to miss 4-8 weeks.

WR30+ – Emmanuel Arceneaux – EDM5

Started all 12 games he was healthy for last year. Still had decent production last year. The 35-year-old is entering his 11th season in the CFL.

WR30+ – Drew Wolitarsky – WPG5

Wolitarsky had some big games last year. Last year he started every game he was healthy for. Unless Winnipeg feels Brendan O’Leary-Orange has taken a big step forward Wolitarsky will likely be the starter again this year for Winnipeg as one of their national receivers. With Kenny Lawler and Dalton Schoen drawing so much attention there should be an opportunity to get open.

WR30+ – Cam Phillips – TOR4

With Brandon Banks no longer being in Toronto there could be an opportunity here for Cam Phillips to take on a much bigger role as he enters his third season in the CFL.

WR30+ – Reggie White Jr – MTL

Reggie White Jr was second in receiving yards in Montreal last year. He is however on injured reserve and it remains unclear how much time he will miss.

WR30+ – Jalen Philpot – CGY

Jalen Philpot started 14 games last year as a rookie. He showed improvement throughout the season. As a talented national player drafted 5th overall I would expect Calgary to want to work him into being a key piece of their offense. He is currently injured indefinitely but we will watch for him later in the year.

Preseason Additions

These additional players got on my radar now that all teams have played at least 1 pre-season game. Keep in mind that in the preseason players are often not on the field as much as they would be in the regular season simply due to the larger roster carried in the preseason.

WR30+ – Maurice Ffrench – EDM

In his 2 preseason games, he had an impressive 16 catches on 19 targets for 162 yards. He had the most yards and receptions in Edmonton over the preseason. This level of production can translate to pretty good regular-season production if he gets started in the season. Was on practice rosters with the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers from 2020-2022.

WR30+ – Raphael Leonard – EDM

Was the 2nd most targeted receiver in Edmonton over the preseason catching 10 passes on 16 targets for 90 yards and a touchdown.

WR30+ – Gavin Cobb – EDM

Cobb was drafted 30th overall in the 2022 CFL draft. Missed all of last year following a pre-season injury. He had 6 catches on 7 targets and 73 yards in the 2 preseason games. The fact he is a national player makes his probability to start higher.


A lot of kicking is pretty close overall for who finished where. Who they are playing against in a given week will be a major factor in their production for a given match.

K1 – Rene Paredes – CGY

Was first in fantasy production by a lot last year. Calgary kicked a lot of field goals last year as Paredes made 54 of 60 last year. Is entering his 12th year in the CFL all with Calgary.

K2 – Sean Whyte – BC

He’s been a reliable kicker for 13 seasons in the CFL. Last year he made 36 of 39. 

K3 – David Côté – MTL

Had a good year last season that saw him make 44 of 51 field goals. Entering his third season in the CFL all of which have been with Montreal.

K4 – Lewis Ward – OTT

Made 49 of 57 field goals with Ottawa last season. Entering his 5th season in the CFL all with Ottawa.

K5 – Boris Bede – TOR

Had a down year as far as accuracy goes compared to his production in the past. Made 43 of 55 last year. Entering his 8th season in the CFL.

Kickers ranked 4-5 all have similar production last year. They are also all on teams that do not have a bye week on weeks 15-19 which is when most of the CFL Fantasy playoff games will occur.

K6 – Sergio Castillo – WPG

I expect an increase in production for Castillo this year and to have a bounce-back season. Made 37 of 44 field goals last year. Went 5 for 5 in field goals in a very windy 2021 Grey Cup the Bombers won in overtime. I put him below the other 5 in large part due to the bombers being on the bye in week 19 which will be the final week of the championship in my recommended format.

K7 – Brett Lauther – SSK

Saskatchewan had a difficult season offensively last year and this was part of Lauther being on the lower end of kicker production. Would not be surprised to see him finish higher this year. Made 41 of his 50 field goals last year.

K8 –  Seth Small – HAM

I would not be surprised to see him put up a lot of points with Bo Levi Mitchell pushing the offense downfield. Made 39 of his 43 field goals in his rookie season last year.

K9 – Dean Faithful – EDM

Edmonton is less clear about who the starting kicker will be. Michael Domagala was thought to be a likely candidate but based on the makeup of the roster following preseason it appears Domegala will be punting and Faithful will be the placekicker. Faithful played football at Colorado State-Pueblo and was drafted 2nd overall in the CFL Global draft. He previously played 4 seasons of soccer at Florida Tech.

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